Arrogance Stole My Mask

He was cocky and arrogant. He had my interest. Little did I know. That I would be living with him. He stole my heart so now I am stealing his. Gloxxifi 2016. All Rights Reserved. All Content.


2. Cast List

Note: If you want to know the cast go down below. If not skip to the next chapter.

Francisco Lachowski As Romeo Sheffield and Blake Sheffield. They are indentical twins so...
Barbara Palvin As May Winters
Vanessa Hudgens As Avery Hood
Milo Lachowski As Carson Sheffield
 Alex LaBeouf As Grayson Sheffield
Jennifer Aniston As Madison Sheffield
Matt Bomer As George Sheffield
Cameron Dallas As Thom Stone
Madison Beer as Erin Stone
Alex Pettyfer As Sean Blue
Victoria Beckham as Veronica Stone
Sally Field As Victoria Chow
Bridget Satterlee As Zoey Hill
Dylan O'brien as Bennet Emerson

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