Arrogance Stole My Mask

He was cocky and arrogant. He had my interest. Little did I know. That I would be living with him. He stole my heart so now I am stealing his. Gloxxifi 2016. All Rights Reserved. All Content.


10. [8] Blushing Blake

Chapter 8: Blushing Blake

"Why does she hate you already?" "To be honest I don't remember what I said but I do know she didn't like it." I said. "Obviously." He said laughing. "Shut up." I said while slapping his arm. Wow his arm is so muscular. Suddenly I found myself thinking about that night. Only to be snapped out of it by Romeo himself. My but touches the ground. "That hurts you jerk!" I said standing up, he started to laugh uncontrollably. "Hey where are you going?" He said when he noticed that I already left the room. "Blake's room!" He didn't reply and I continued to walk toward Blake's room. 

I didn't bother to knock but I wish I did. "Holy crap." I said in shock what I just witnessed. No I am not a pervert as soon I saw what was happening I left the room. Rushing towards my room I bumped against something hard. I look up and it was Romeo's bare chest. I looked at him and he was wearing a towel that hung low around his waist. You could see his v line. I have to admit it looks hot. "Done checking me out?" He said smirking. "Almost." I stared at it for about a minute. "Now I am done." "Did you enjoy the sight?" "Very much." I replied casually. He shook his head and he walked away probably to the bathroom.

As I was about to enter my room Madison called. "May?" I turned around facing her, she was carrying Carson. I smiled. "Would you want watch a movie with Carson? Everyone is busy and I can't watch his right now." "Yeah sure." "Here." She said handing Carson over. "You can go to the gaming room. Carson knows the way." She said and she left. "Where to my pirate?" "Put me down." He said and I obeyed, he is so cute. "Follow me." He said with his cute voice. I did what I was told and I followed him to the gaming room. 

He sat down on the couch. "What movie do you want to watch?" I asked him. "Transformers." I raised a brow. "Are you allowed to watch that?" "Yes." Lie. "Are you sure?" He nodded. I was about to say something when I saw one the twins. I really need to figure out how to recognize them. "Blake or Romeo!" I called. "Romeo." He replied. "Is Carson allowed to watch transformers?" I asked and he walked into the room. "No, did he tell you that he can is allowed to watch that?" "He did." He messed up Carson hair. "Sneaky boy aren't you?" "Stop messing up my hair." He said fixing his hair. "I see he already begun." "You're just jealous that he has such a good role model." "And who may that role model be?" "Me of course." 

He said flexing his muscles. I shook my head. "What are we watching?" "Nothing yet." "What about how to train a dragon?" "I want to watch that." Carson answered. Romeo looked at me waiting for my answer. "Guess we are watching how to train a dragon." Romeo started the film. I am seated next to Carson and Romeo sat down beside me. 

Why didn't he sat next to Carson. "Stop overthinking May it's probably nothing." "Maybe it is." a voice in my head said. "Stop it, I am sure of it." I said back to the voice. 

"What are you thinking about?" Romeo asked. "Just stuff." "You are going to give something better than stuff, clearly something is bothering you?" Something was bothering me. If only I knew what it was. "Why do you even care?" I asked. He stood up. "I am getting us something to eat." He said and he left. Now that he is gone I can go back to watching the movie. I never have seen how to train a dragon before. 

Minutes later Romeo came back with our food but he didn't watch further. He said Avery was coming over. Boy I want to stay clear from her. Maybe I should ask Bennet if he wants to do something. Maybe not I have the feeling Romeo and Blake doesn't like Bennet.

The movie was over and George said he could watch Carson. So I left and I went to my room, maybe read something. "Hey." Romeo or Blake said. I jumped a little I didn't know anyone has entered my room. But then again I was reading. "I'm sorry about what you saw." "I should be the one to apologize, I should have knocked. But in my defense you should have locked to door." I said laughing. "Never again, I make the same mistake twice." "So who is the girl?" I noticed the redness on his cheek. "Are you blushing?" "No." Lie "Yes you are. Grayson, Blake is blushing." I said. Grayson entered my room. When he says Blake's red cheeks he started laughing uncontrollably. He couldn't catch his breath. I started laughing at Grayson he was laughing like an idiot. Blake however looked rather annoyed. Rolling his eyes at us. Which caused us to only laugh harder even. If that was even possible. Romeo and Every ughh heard the noise and entered my room only to see us laughing like retorted people. Romeo started laughing to but Avery didn't think it was so funny. Boo you whore. Romeo was the first one to calm down, I was close after him and Grayson was still busy. After a few minutes he calmed down. "Why were you laughing?" Romeo asked. "Blake was blushing." Grayson said and he bursts out of laughter. A wide grin appeared on Romeo's face. "You were?" "I guess." He muttered. Romeo was about to reply when Avery took a word. "I don't get what is funny, Blake blushed so what?" We all started laughing which she didn't think was funny at all. She doesn't have any humor. "Blake never blushes." Romeo said between laughs. "Dinner." Madison called. "We're coming." Blake replied. "Is she going to eat with us to?" Avery asked. "She lives here." Romeo replied. She exited the room. And Romeo rolled his eyes.


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