Arrogance Stole My Mask

He was cocky and arrogant. He had my interest. Little did I know. That I would be living with him. He stole my heart so now I am stealing his. Gloxxifi 2016. All Rights Reserved. All Content.


9. [7] Savage

Chapter 7: Savage

Quote Of The Chapter: Time Heals Nothing Unless You Move Along With It.

The rest of the day passed by pretty fast, Romeo didn't speak to me the whole day. He needs to kick down his pride, it's getting annoying. I was currently sitting on my bed with that little box from my dad's bedroom on my lap. I was still deciding if I should open it or not. Before I could open it somebody knocked on the door. I putted the little box under my bed. 

"Come in." Only to see Romeo or Blake appear. I really need to figure out how to separate them. It's getting annoyed. "Romeo told me you made a bet with Bennet." "Yeah why?" "Why would you do that? He is the biggest player from our school." I laughed, he frowned at my response. "I think I can handle him myself besides I am allowed to have some fun right?" "I guess." He muttered. "What was that?" I asked pretending that I didn't hear it. "Nothing." He replied quickly. "Really?" "Really."

"So what are the terms of the bet?" "If I am not in love with him in one month. He must do something I say I don't know. We haven't discussed if he loses but if I do fall in love with him in one month I must have sex with him." Blake jaw dropped and he just stared at me not saying a word. "Blake." I say snapping him out of his trance. "Why the hell would you take that deal?" "It is not like he is going to win." "A lot of girls said that right before getting hurt by him." "I am not like those girls and beside that my head is not by the boys it's by my family. Do you really think that I forgot all about family?" "No but I didn't think you were stupid enough to accept." "Get out!" I yelled. "May, I-" "I said get out!" I yelled again. 

Blake didn't need to hear it again and he left my room. I was holding tears back but now that he had left I was able to let the go. I grabbed Austin's hoodie. I don't know how long had passed since Blake left. Suddenly one of the twins entered my room. He didn't realize that I was crying since he was on his phone. When his eyes locked on mine, he stopped walking at just looked at me. I sobbed and he walked toward me. He held me in his embrace. He didn't say anything just holding me calmed me down a bit. My eyelids felt heavy. I slowly fell asleep in his embrace. 


When I woke up I was still in his embrace and he was talking to his twin. It seemed like they were arguing. "You are such an idiot." "You are one to say, you let her take that deal." "You told her she was an idiot." "I didn't mean it." "But she still got upset. May just lost her family, she isn't very stable. You don't say thing to her that makes her upset." "Why do you care Romeo? When you first met her you were nothing but rude to her." "I wasn't." He said soft I don't thing Blake heard it. "Just leave that poor girl alone cause you will only hurt her. Like you hurt every other girl." "I do not hurt every girl. They always break up with me except Avery." "Romeo you cheat on every girl you flirted or dated." "I never cheated." "Romeo that is just bullshit ask any girl you were involved with. The reason you and those girls broke up is because you cheated." "I never cheated. Maybe I led some girls on but if I was really in a relationship with her, I wouldn't cheat." "Ask any girl." "I will." "Why won't you just admit that you hurt those girls." "Blake I already said this before I don't cheat." "Why does every girl thinks you did?" "How am I supposed to know but I- Avery." "Seriously you think Avery is behind this?" "With who did I cheat?" "Avery." "Yep definitely Avery." "I swear to god, I will get my revenge." 

I thought it was a good moment to pretend I was waking up. I started to move a little and slowly opening my eyes. "Hey." Romeo said. Yep Romeo was the one holding me. I gave him a smile, he smiled back at me. "May, I-" "Blake it's alright you didn't mean it. I forgive you." He lets out a sigh of relief. 

He walked over to me and Romeo with me still in his embrace and hugged us. While that was happening Grayson and Carson entered the room and joined us. "You are family now, May." Blake whispered in my ear. We all pulled away because Romeo's phone was ringing and he needed to pick up. Romeo groaned when he saw who was calling. He didn't leave my room when he picked up. 

"Avery, what do you want?" Romeo jumped a little and he held his phone away far away from his ear and she was still hearable. "Why have you been ignoring me?" "I haven't." "O, so do you want to come over later?" She asked trying to be sweet. Bipolar much? "I am staying home, some family time." "You are hanging out with that whore aren't you?" "That whore?" "The one who moved in with you." "I don't recall that a whore moved in with me." "Romeo you what I mean." She said raising her voice once again. "You mean May?" "Yes." She said with a duh voice. "One problem she isn't a whore." "Are you sure about that she dresses like one." Romeo snorted before replying. "If May dressed like a whore then you dress like a prostitute and not an expensive one but the ones you fuck for a dollar." Blake burst out of laughter, same goes for me. I heard Carson asking Grayson what a whore, prostitute and a bitch is. He is so cute. Avery on the other hand didn't think it was funny so she hung up. I and Blake were still laughing uncontrollably and Romeo started laughing to.


I changed the name of the story so many times now but I kinda like this name for now it's the name but maybe in the future it will change again. Ikr.

I am back people! 
So what do you think of the chapter? 

Please if you find any grammatical or spellings mistake please point them out for me. So that I could change it. 


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