Arrogance Stole My Mask

He was cocky and arrogant. He had my interest. Little did I know. That I would be living with him. He stole my heart so now I am stealing his. Gloxxifi 2016. All Rights Reserved. All Content.


7. [5] My First Classes

Chapter 5: My First Classes

Quote Of The Chapter: I Shouldn't Be Jealous, You Aren't Even Mine.

"I see we have a new student." The teacher said. She was pretty young for a teacher, in the twenties. Early or late, I can't see. "What is your name?" "May." "May?" She asked referring to my last name. "May Winters." I replied. "Well May, welcome to math. I am Mrs. Johnson." She said and she starts with the lesson. She turned around facing the board and she wrote pop quiz on it. "May, you can see if you know anything on it. If not just come up to my desk and I can explain it to you. You will have a test next Monday." She said and the entire class groaned. I finished the test, very quick I already had this at my old school and I am good at math. I looked at Zoey and I saw she was struggling. At one point she even groaned. The bell rung and we picked up our stuff and exited the classroom. "What do you have next?" Zoey asked me. I check my schedule. "I have physics." "From who?" "Mr. Pointer." "Good luck with him." "Why? Is he that bad?" "No, not exactly." "What is that supposed to mean?" "You will find out soon." She said smirking and then she walked away to her class. I didn't know where I was going again I know. I looked to the classroom that was next to me and I saw that, that the room I was supposed to be. Zoey I thought by myself. I walked into the room and I took a seat at the back. I was doodling on my notebook when I noticed a presence next to me. I looked to the side and saw him. He looked like some freaking Greek god. Apparently I was staring at him when he snapped me out of my thought. "Like what you see?" He said smirking. I automatically rolled my eyes. "In your dreams." I said back. "Don't worry about that baby doll in my dreams you won't even have the time to stare at me you will be busy doing other naughty stuff. Fits perfectly for a naughty girl." He said giving me a wink. My jaw dropped. "That is why it's called a dream because it will never happen in reality." I said back. He smirked at me not saying a word. I raised my eyebrow and that was the moment he started to speak again. "Will see. 1 month and you will be in love with me." I raised my eyebrow. "If I win, you will have sex with me. If you win, you will pick something out. I am also an option." It did sounded interesting but before I could answer Romeo or Blake stepped in. "She will absolutely not under no circumstances take that bet. Now get out of my seat." He hissed. The boy stood up and took a place next to someone else. Romeo or Blake looked at me. "You were considering it, weren't you?" He asked me I think its Romeo. Cause Blake isn't that cocky. "Maybe." I said putting my hair in a ponytail. He looked at my when I was putting my hair up in a ponytail. He was drinking something and looking at me when he suddenly spit it all out. "You have a tattoo?" "I have, why?" I said confused where was going with it. "Just wondering." He said obviously lying. I am not stupid, clueless maybe. But not stupid. I decided to ignore it and the teacher walked in. "Welcome class, isn't it a wonderful day to teach." Whispers went through the class. "We are going to do a project, on May 4th it is due. The person next to you is your partner." Out of his bag he took some paper and held it in his hand. "On these papers stand your assignment, good luck you will start now." He said and he handed out the papers. I read the paper and I didn't understand it at all. "I don't get it." I said to Romeo. "Don't worry about it babe I will do it on my own." He said. "I can't let you do that, it will make me feel bad." "I don't want a low grade just because you didn't get it and you have rules that you can't let anyone do your job for you." He said dead ass serious. "Fine." I said knowing I wouldn't win. "I didn't know you had a girlfriend." I said. "I don't." "Then why did a girl came to me and said and I quote 'stay away from my man'." I said. "We are not dating, she tells people that but we are not." "Let me guess, just an occasional fuck." I said. "Exactly woman." "Wouldn't be surprised." "Well May Winters, I remember that you also like an occasional fuck." "What do you mean?" I said not knowing what he is talking about. He reached for his backpack and took glasses out. Romeo has glasses? He putted them on and he looked at me. Holy fucking shit balls. Goddamit May. Why are you such an idiot. I officially hate myself right now. Fuck fuck. Why did this have to happen to me from the 9 billion I think the world has 9 billion people in the world. From all those people it had to happen to me. Me for god sakes. I knew I had bad karma coming towards me, why did I have to do those things. What comes around get around, isn't that what they say? I want to die. Romeo looked at me amused, looking at me with his signature smirk on his lips. He took the glasses of and putted them back in his backpack. While he did that I wasn't over the fact, that he was the one. From all those people it had to be him. I know back at it again. He must recognized it from my tattoo, it was a little moon. It is very cute tough. May get your head back to the point you are trailing off. Why? I asked myself over and over again. 


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