Arrogance Stole My Mask

He was cocky and arrogant. He had my interest. Little did I know. That I would be living with him. He stole my heart so now I am stealing his. Gloxxifi 2016. All Rights Reserved. All Content.


6. [4] My First Day

Chapter 4: My First Day

Quote Of The Chapter: My Lips Are The Gun. My Smile Is The Trigger. My Kisses Are The Bullets. Label Me A Killer.

"Rise and shine sweetie." Veronica said. I pulled my pillow under my head and placed it over my head. "Come on now dear." I groaned. "I don't want to." I said into my pillow, I came out really weird. I don't know if she heard what I said correctly. "And why is that?" I sat up straight. "I hate first days." "Why do you hate it?" "Because it decides everything: if you have friends or not, if you are going to get bullied or not. You have to make an expression and not manage to piss of the queen bee." "Honey, you will be alright." She said and she exited the room. I got out of my beloved bed and walked over to the closet. I opened it and I pulled out some clothes. It was a black dress and a jacket to go over it with some cute black heels. I locked the door and I changed. When I opened the door, it hit something not even a second later I heard someone groan. "That fucking hurts." "I am so sorry." I said and I stick my hand out so that Romeo or Blake could get up. He refused my hand and he got up by himself and walked away without saying a word. Weird. I walked downstairs to the kitchen. When I got there Thom, Erin were having a fight by the looks of it. Romeo or Blake was eating and Grayson was leaning with his back to the island, on his phone. Erin was the first one to notice my presence. "Here." She said and he hands me a plate with some food on it. "Thanks." I replied. The others already left the room while I was still eating, I am a slow eater. I was about to put my dishes into the sink when Madison walked into the room and offered to take care of it. I denied her offer and before I exited the room, she spoke up. "Sweetie, you can ride with Romeo to school and Sean will pick you up, the boys have practice." She said smiling. I went back to my room and I applied some foundation, mascara and some glittery eyeshadow. And to finish the look a winged eyeliner. I walked downstairs only to see twins on the couch, paying their full attention to their phones. I cleared my throat letting them know that I was in the room. One of them stood up from the couch. "Took you long enough." "Perfection takes time." 'Whatever woman, to the car before you need to do anything else." He said and walked away. "Douche." I mutter. "You'll get used to it, now let's go before he gets impatience." He said and he went into the direction Romeo went. I do know now who the now was, that I bumped into. Romeo shocker isn't it. I followed Blake to the car. He was already settled in the passenger's seat, guess I have to sit in the back.


We arrived at school and I was receiving all kinds of glares. "Who is she?" "What a whore." "Probably just one of their play dolls." I heard that and many more. I looked at Blake who was walking next to me. "Don't worry, it's just gossip. Soon enough they will find something else to talk about." "I hope so." I mutter. We already went to the principal's office, when we: I and Blake arrived at my locker. He told me he had to go and now I am all alone. I hate being alone. No I changed my mind I hate being left alone. Because people always end up leaving me. A group of girl walked up to me. Swinging their hips, with their to short shorts or skirts. I mean come on no one wants to see your ass. Expect boys but boys are still boys. Freaking hormonal boys who can't keep their dicks in their pants. Walking on high heels, short and tight shirts. Boobs almost falling out of their tops. "You must be new?" The girl asked possibly their queen bee. "I am." "So what is the newbie's name?" "May." "Well May, you see there are a few rules in this school." "Get it over with." She shoots a glare at me but then she puts on a fake smile and continues to talk. "1 don't talk or look at me after this conversation. 2 Stay away from my man. 3 Don't try to be the queen bee of this school, because this school already has one. Come after my position and I will come after you. Basically don't speak with the people I am involved with or with me. And stay out if my business got it?" "Loud and clear but 1 little question. Who is your man?" "Romeo Sheffield." "Little problem, I live with Romeo." "What now?" "Are you deaf? I live with the Sheffield family." I said pronounce it like an idiot. So that she can read my lips because clearly she is deaf. "I am not deaf, you idiot. Why do you life with them." "None of your goddamn business." I snapped. I closed my locker with a slap after I pulled out my books. The bell went, "I have to go to class." I say and I walked passed her and her little posy. I looked over my shoulder back to them, she seemed pissed off. Boy I got on the queen bee's bad side only a half hour passed and I already managed to piss her off. All though I did found out that Romeo has a girlfriend or whatever they are. I realized know that I didn't know where I was going. A girl closed her locker, I walked to her. "Uhmm do you know where room 1.12 is?" "I have les in that room, you can walk with me." She said and we started to walk. "I am Zoey by the way." "May." "So you are the new girl everyone is talking about?" "I suppose."


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