Arrogance Stole My Mask

He was cocky and arrogant. He had my interest. Little did I know. That I would be living with him. He stole my heart so now I am stealing his. Gloxxifi 2016. All Rights Reserved. All Content.


5. [3] Meeting The Sheffields

Chapter 3: Meeting The Sheffields

Quote Of The Chapter: "How Do You Know When It's Over?" "Maybe When You Fell More In Love With Your Memories Than With The Person Standing In Front Of You."

I was leaning against the counter when I heard the door open and the silence was immediately gone. Noise was everywhere to be heard. I heard sound coming toward me. I looked like shit, I mean I don't want that the family I am living with think I am a slob that doesn't take care of her body. I do take care of my body. It's just that I have been crying for I don't know how long. When the people who 

walked into the kitchen eyes landed on me. They looked slightly confused but then it faded away. They must be Romeo and Blake since they look like twin. I am smart, aren't I? One of them stepped towards me. "I am Blake." "May." I replied. Me and Romeo stared at each other. Why didn't he introduce himself. I mean I am not spoiled or anything, I expect someone to introduce himself. "Romeo, introduce yourself to the lady." Blake said. "You already did you idiot." Romeo said and he walked away. Nice, so nice. "I am sorry about that, I don't know what gotten into him." "It's okay." I reassured him. "Is he always like that?" "Yes and no." "So what's it" "Depends on how you stand with him." "So I am on his bad side?" "That doesn't influence his arrogance." I am so confused how is he so a cocky and arrogant against me and it doesn't matter of I am on his good side or his bad side. "You are not following it anymore, are you?" I shook my head no and laughed. "I think we are going to get along just well, see you later May Winters." Blake said and he walks out of the room. 2 down, 3 to go. I placed my empty glass in the sink and I went back to my room. When I bumped into someone. My butt touched the ground. "Ughh.." "Omg are you okay?"A male voice said, I look and I saw Grayson. I put his hand out. I took it and he helped me get up. "Thank you, I am May." 

"Grayson." I was about to speak when a little boy came running and screaming out of a room. "Grace, Romeo is trying to kill me." The little boy said and Grayson chuckled. The boy hid behind Grayson's legs, when Romeo came walking out of the room. He looked around pretending to search for Carson. "Hmmm.... I wonder where Carson is. Have you seen Carson?" He asked us. "No, I haven't seen that little devil." Grayson replied. I heard a little giggle from Carson and I wasn't the only one who heard that. Romeo walked toward Grayson and Carson. He glanced behind Grayson and his eyes landed on Carson. "Found ya." He said before throwing Carson over his shoulder. "Time to get punished." "Room, don't punish him to hard." "I can't promise that." He said laughing before disappearing. How can be Romeo such a different person around me than them? Maybe it's just like Blake said except I still don't get it. "Do you already know where everything is?" I shook my head now. "Well that settles it, I am giving you a tour. Let's start here. "


I was looking at my phone when I heard a knock on my door. "Come in." I yelled. The door opened only to reveal one of the twins. Whoever it was, he was wearing sweatpants from Nike colored grey and a plain white shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch. "Hey." He said rubbing the back of his neck. "Hey." "Look, I just wanted to apologize for earlier. You didn't deserve it. I was just in a bad mood and I lashed out on you. It's not fair to you." Before I could respond he interrupted me. "Mom wants us downstairs for diner." That was the last thing he said before exiting my room. I found out it was Romeo who else would apologize for the way he acted earlier not Blake. Well at least I know he isn't always a dick but everything can change. Maybe in a few hours he is back to when I first met him: rude. I changed into more appreciate clothes. Since I was wearing short shorts and a sports bra. So I decided to go with sweatpants and bordeaux red shirt with Stilinski 24 on it. Honestly I love teen wolf. My favorite is Stiles of course. Then from the boys is Isaac and then Liam. I don't really have a favorite girl but if I had to choose I would choose Alison. I cried when she died, it was so sad. Romeo entered my room again. "What got you so long?" "I was changing." "Why?" "Because I was wearing a sports bra and shorts." "Why?' I thought you looked hot but now, I don't see why I thought that." He said and I smacked the back of his head. "That hurts." He said pouting and rubbing the back of his head where I smacked him. "Did I hurt little Romeo's feelings." I said sarcastically. "Yeah you did." He said with a duh face. I glared back at him with a 'are you kidding' look. He chuckled and left the room but this time I followed him. When we reached the kitchen, there were more people than George described. Not only did I see the people on the picture, I saw a boy around my age maybe older, a woman who looked like the boy but she was too young to be his mom. I think, I don't want to judge and I saw an older women who looked like the girl and the boy, they are definitely family. But not only them, there was an older woman maybe around the 60 and a man late twenties. "May, this is my wife, Madison." George said. She smiled at me and I smiled back. "This is Veronica and her children: Thom and Erin. And this is Sean and Victoria." Madison said. "Nice to meet you." I said. "I presume you already met my boys." "I did." "Good boys." She said under her breath, I don't think me or anyone else in that matter was supposed to hear that. 


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