Arrogance Stole My Mask

He was cocky and arrogant. He had my interest. Little did I know. That I would be living with him. He stole my heart so now I am stealing his. Gloxxifi 2016. All Rights Reserved. All Content.


4. [2] A Letter With The Truth

Chapter 2: A Letter With The Truth

Quote Of The Chapter:  I Am Constantly Torn Between Killing Myself And Killing Everyone Around Me Those Seem To Be The Two Choices, Everything Else Is Just Killing Time.

We pulled up in front of a very big house. It was bigger than mine or should I say my old house. The house reminded me of 'my old house'.  George stepped out of the car and opened the trunk. He got my luggage out. I stepped out of the car and he led me to the front door. He unlocked the door and he let me enter first. I looked around taking my new home in. It was gorgeous but it didn't feel like mine. It was theirs not mine and I don't think I will ever consider this house, my home. "Nobody is home at this moment, but I will expect that the most of them will be home in a few hours. Why don't you make your room more like you wish?" He told me and he led me upstairs. Then he opened a room. He smiled at me, "This is your room. Do you like it?" I looked around, like the rest of the house from what I had seen. It was beautiful. "It's beautiful." "Are you hungry?" he asked me. "A little bit." "I will make us some food." That was the last thing he said before he disappeared. I grabbed my backpack and I pulled the little box out that Jeffrey gave to me. I opened it up and saw two envelops. On one of the envelops was written with a black pencil: to May and on the other one was written: to Austin. I opened the one with my name on it and I began reading.

Dear May,

If you are reading this something has happened to me. I just wanted to let you know that I love you and that you are going to be okay. You are going to live with George. He is a very kind hearted person. The reason I never changed his role as godfather is because I know he will be a good guardian to you. Among a lot of reason, the most important reason is that he resembles my personality. He will be like a second dad to you, he will raise you very similar as I did. I didn't just write this letter to you just to tell you that I love you and why I choose George as guardian. The reason I wrote you this letter is because I wanted to let you know the truth. Because if I didn't tell you, you probably would never find out the truth. The truth is your mother never died. Maybe she is dead by the time you're reading this. But still she was alive by the time I wrote this letter. (27-03-2014) When she was 18, I got her pregnant. She didn't want to keep you but I did. From the start she didn't want to keep you. I said to her that it was her choice but when you were born, I hold you for a few seconds and I fell in love with you. I didn't want to give you away, I wanted to keep you and I did. She didn't want to have anything to do with you or me after your birth. She moved a few weeks after and I never saw her again. That was until a few weeks ago, when she had a job interview with me. When she saw me, she asked questions about you. I told her that if she wanted to get to know you, she just had to ask you herself. She didn't want to raise you and if she wanted to know her daughter. She needed to contact you by herself. I don't know if she contacted you or not. But if she didn't and you want to contact her, here is some useful information. Her name is Sarah Linq, her date of birth is September third 1982. She was born in Dallas, Texas. Her parents' names are Oliva Linq (Diaz) and James Linq. That's all I can say because I don't know a lot about her. She was just a hookup at the homecoming dance. If you ever meet her, don't tell her I said that. Anyways I hope this letter makes you feel any better. I love you May always remember that. You were my Beautiful mistake and I don't regret anything. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Love dad.

The paper was wet from my tears. I grabbed Austin's hoodie and I laid down on the bed. Crying my eyes out. A few minutes passed when George walked back in. He saw me laying down on the bed crying. He walked over to the bed and sat on it. He rubbed my back not saying a word. I don't know how long it has been since I opened that letter. George stood up from the bed. "Are you okay now?" he asked with a soft voice. "Yes." I said between my sobs, not looking at him since my face was buried in the pillow. It's probably all dirty and wet now. I sat up straight and I put the letter back in the box that Jeffrey gave to me. I can't read Austin's right now, I am too much of a wreck to read it. It's not going to do any good. It is only gonna make me cry even more. I can't believe my mother is still alive. My dad always told me that she died when she gave birth to me.  I miss Austin so bad right now, I miss the way he walked a big spoon and ice cream. I missed that he would crawl up my bed. Or the fact that he would wake me up in the night when he had a nightmare or just couldn't sleep. I miss the little thing, the things that I didn't realize that they made me smile so much. It was something he used to do. Now I realize it something bigger than that, it's everything. Those are the thing I will remember forever.


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