Arrogance Stole My Mask

He was cocky and arrogant. He had my interest. Little did I know. That I would be living with him. He stole my heart so now I am stealing his. Gloxxifi 2016. All Rights Reserved. All Content.


3. [1] My New Family

Chapter 1: My New Family

Quote Of The Chapter: Throughout My Life, I Have Always Been Afraid Of Losing People I Love. But Then, Sometimes I Wonder, Is There Anyone Out There Afraid Of Losing Me.

"May, This is George Sheffield. He is your new guardian." My dad lawyers said and my eyes started to tear up. The person Jeffrey talked about came walking towards me and pulled me into a hug. I was taken back at first but I hugged him back. I needed a hug, but nobody's hugs fells like theirs. I miss them so much. I was crying so hard that I didn't even notice a half hour already passed. George never stopped holding me in his embrace, saying thing that supposed to calm me down with a soft but warm voice. I did kind a help though, but not enough to stop me from crying. "May," He said with a soft voice not wanting me to break down even more. "I'm sorry, I don't want to put a time on it. But we should really go now." He said looking at me with pity. I knew exactly what he was talking about. I knew that I would be moving in with my godfather and his family. I just didn't expect it would be so soon. I never met him, apparently my dad and he had a little fall out but my dad never changed the role of my godfather. "May, before you leave. I have something for you." Jeffrey said and handed me a little box. "Thank you." I said with a soft voice but he heard me, giving me a small but welcoming smile. George led the way to his car. He opened the passenger's door for me. I stepped in and thanked him. He walked over the door and stepped in. He started the car and hitting the road. "So May, tell me a bit about yourself." He said to me trying to make break the ice. "Uhmmm....." I said not sure what to tell him. "What about I ask you a question and you could ask me a question back?" I nodded. "Let's see...."He says trying to think of a question." Any sports?" He asked me. "I play field hockey." I say. "Really? Are you any good?" He asked curiously. "Well, I don't want to brag." I replied to his question. "Let me formulate it different. What team are you in?" "A1." "Then you must be good." He says convinced. "I'd like to think so." Talking to George wasn't that bad, I actually liked him already. "Is it my turn to ask a question?" "It is." He replied simply. "Uhmm.... Do you have any children?" "I do. I have 4 sons." My eyes went wide. He laughed at my reaction. I pushed him softly. Not wanting to crash. "Tell me a bit about them. I want to know what I am in for." He reached into his pocket pulling out a wallet. He gave me the wallet. "Open it." He said. I did what I was told to, when I opened it my eyes quickly fell on a picture. You see that one in a football jacket?" "Yes." "That's Romeo. He is 17 and also the quarterback of the school. Then we have the kid who looks like him. That's Blake. Blake is older than Romeo by 3 minutes. Blake is also on the football team but he plays the wide receiver." "So basically they are a good duo." "Yes. Then we have Grayson, he is 16 and quite the troublemaker." "He doesn't play any sports like Romeo and Blake?" I asked. "No, he likes to play it when he is in the mood." "But not something he likes to do all the time." I said and he nods in return. "And That's Carson." He said. "How old is he." "Four almost five." It reminded me to my little brother: Austin. My eyes started to fill with tears again. I looked out of the window, thinking about all those good memories." I was so deep into my thoughts that I didn't even realize that we were already at my parents' house. He stopped the engine and he turned around looking at me. He smiled at me. Time to pack. I opened the house, it felt so empty. A big house but without people. It must have felt lonely while I was away. Just like I do when they went away. At least the house gets a goodbye, I didn't. "Do I need to help you pack?" "I can do it myself." I say and I went upstairs to pack. After I was done with my stuff, I went to Austin's room. I took a place on the bed. There were all kinds of stuffed animals on the bed but also on the ground. Then I spotted the monkey, it was his favorite. I am taking this with me. I stood up and I walked to his closet, opening it. My hands felt every fabric. Till I came across his favorite little hoodie. I took it of the hanger and I hugged it. It still smelt like him. Time to say my goodbye to this room. "I miss little brother, I miss the days where you climbed in my bed and wanting me to play with you. Or whenever I was upset with something you would always brought me ice cream. You always made me smile, no matter what happened. You made me forget my problems. I love you Austin. You are maybe gone but I will never forget you." After I said my goodbyes to his room I went to my father's room. I looked around taking my surrounding in. Looking for something to bring with me since all this furniture is going to be sold. The clothes are being stacked up in boxes and brought to a storage box. My eyes landed on a little box on the nightstand. I have never seen that box. I sat down on the bed with the box on my lap. I slowly opened it. When I saw what was inside tears flowed from my face landing on the little box.


So what do you think of the first chapter?  It felt so good writing it. I haven't been able to write something down in like forever.

Please if you find any grammatical or spellings mistake please point them out for me. So that I could change it. 

Update: Saturday

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