Would-be gaming comp entry if i wasn't so late. :'(


2. Next Level

   I blinked, something was wrong, very very terribly wrong. I tilted my head and looked again, yep there's no doubt about it, my eyes had dulled slightly, the glow wasn't as strong. Was this the boredom? I itched at the skin near my horns. It must be, I hadn't tasted someone's flesh and blood in ages. To think that this sloth-like monster was actually the ruler of demons. But I couldn't help it, the level boundary prevented me from leaving in search of prey. All that remained from my rampage on this level was bones, ashes and me. 

   I needed to kill, my purpose was to kill, if something doesn't fulfil its purpose then it's useless. I glowered at that, useless am I? I'll show them, I'll show them all what it means to be demon king. I drifted towards the edge, peering down at the lower levels again. It was becoming a bad habit of mine, watching the world go by while I sat still. 

   I blinked suddenly, that little runt was on floor seventeen, how'd he get there? how long was I asleep, since last I saw him he was ten, no fifteen levels ahead.

   "He doesn't give up, does he?" I muttered to myself. I glanced around, fanning out my wings, stretching the aches and pains from my bones. I

   I glanced over the rim, past the boundary, observing the world beyond. Surprise brought the glow back into my eyes, that little runt had made it past level 17, how long had I been asleep, since then he was 10 now 15 levels ahead. My wings fanned out, stretching, "I could learn a thing or two from him" I muttered to no-one again. "Well lets see how he deals with whatshisname that underling boss of lvl20."

   Maybe just maybe, he'd make it here... eventually. Lvl200 was a long long way away. Turning my attention to the front-liners, the top heroes and champions my excitement grew, this was the first time in years I'd seen a human so close. The closest was known as Grimm lvl182 battling away with a battle axe, but not far behind was the Raiz Guild, hacking away at the monsters that ruled under me. All safe and sound behind my barrier.

    Patience, patience, I tried to calm down, but then a thrill rose in my heart, I'd finally get to battle again, taste meaty flesh in my mouth, and drain warm blood with my throat. My blood-eyes glowed ever brighter, and I threw my head back again, and roared.

   And when it reached their ears, the monsters and heroes once again paused mid-battle, turning their heads towards me, but never seeing me. The roar reverberated down the mountains, avalanching the snow from ice-caps and sending tremors into the lands. It wasn't just a roar of power, it was a challenge. A Battlecry.

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