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  • Published: 28 Jun 2016
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My name is Kayla. Not Kay or Kk. Kayla. No middle name. No last name. Kayla. I have lived for a thousand years, maybe longer. The records don’t go back that far. This is my entry for Invent your own heroine competition. Hop you like it!


1. Kayla

My name is Kayla.

Not Kay or Kk. Kayla. No middle name. No last name. Kayla.

I have had many names over the years. I don’t remember them all. I don’t know what my first name was. Or who my mother and father were. Did I have brothers and sisters? A family? I don’t know. I don’t care. I have loved and lost many people over the years. No more. Never again. It hurts too much.

 I have lived for a thousand years, maybe longer. The records don’t go back that far. Some things I remember. The memories come in bursts and flashes: a child squalling, cold, in the dark…  A buzzing bumble bee landing on my shoulder and stinging me, causing an angry red lump to form… Freezing water pelting down on my back and burning hands holding me, caressing my face… My reflection staring out at me from a broken mirror, crimson blood dripping down my pale face… Ice blue eyes, always there, following me…

They make me cry. They make me laugh. They confuse me.

Wind blows, whipping my raven hair across my face. I pull a strand away from my thin lips with a long fore finger. The same wind moves the clouds and reveals the moon. Sliver beams cast shadows over the fields and forests around me. From my perch on the crest of the cliff, I can see all around me. Here, at night, I feel safe, secure. I have been coming here time out of mind. It has always stayed the same. Towns have bloomed and vanished, forests grown and been cut down, but underneath it all, the roll of the hills and the winding rivers that spout from pooling lakes have always stayed, essentially the same. And the moon. It used to be bigger but it hasn’t really changed. I like it here.

I allow myself a rare smile.

Green peaks over the horizon as the sun begins its journey anew. I sigh as I realize that it is time for me to return to the boring town that I call home. I lower myself down over the edge of the cliff, my biceps straining as the take my weight. My bare feet find their way with ease down the familiar rocks. A shard digs into the palm of my hand. I grit my teeth but don’t bother stopping. Thirteen feet from the ground, I let go and fall backwards. I float down. I don’t know how I do this. I just do. The normal rules don’t seem to apply to me. It used to bother me but now I’ve just accepted it. I stopped trying to figure it out a long time ago. I land on a mattress of leaves as the last star fades from the ever lightning sky. I wipe away the blood and inspect my hand. The skin has healed over already leaving a thin white scar. One of many.

I don’t know when I first learned to fight but I’m always looking for ways to improve myself. I have been hired by almost all the agencies and secret services that have existed over the years. I have a file in every major office in the world. They learnt a long time ago not to try and make me abide by their rules. If they need a favour, they ask. Sometimes I answer.

I stand and walk towards the town. A fox appears from round a tree, a rabbit hanging powerful jaws. The creature stops as if turned to stone. He meets my eyes, pads towards me and lays his prey at my feet before darting to his den. I step over it and continue on my way. I reach the road and a car wizzes past me. The driver didn’t notice me. No one ever does. 

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