Small Town Miracles


7. 7.

 I barged into the police station and demanded to see my dad. Luckily my step dad just left. They brought me to a small room and a guard stood by the door as I stood in front of my dad.

 "Why the fuck did you do that?" I growled.

 "She was a horrible person." Dad said.

 "How fucking dare you?! How dare you call her a bad person when you left me and Ian seven fucking years ago. You haven't even met Ian when you left! And then you come back into our lives and act like everything is okay! And after cussing our mom out in front of us, you stab her a few months later! You know your son that you left before he was born, he almost cut himself. He's dying inside. He's losing the will to stay alive because you killed one of the only people he could fully trust!"

 Dad looked at me with wide eyes.

 "Ian almost cut himself?" He stuttered.

 "Isn't that something? A seven year old wanting to die because his father, who was never there for him, killed his mom? Is that a fucking way to live?"

 He looked at the ground and then back at me.

 "I always thought when you came home, things would be good again. I loved you, dad, but I never thought love could turn to pure hate in a matter of seconds."

 "Titus, I'm sorry..."

 "Sorry won't bring mom back, will it?" I growled.

 "I'd hope not. She deserved to die." He smirked.

 "YOU BASTARD!" I shouted and slammed him to the floor. I started punching him. I got a few good shots in until the guard pried me off of my dad.

 "I HOPE YOU GET THE DEATH SENTENCE!" I shouted and the guard dragged me out of the room.

 When I got back to the hospital, Skylar ran and hugged me.

 I held her tight.

 "I'm so glad you're back." She cried.

 I wiped her tears.

 "I promised, didn't I?" I smiled and kissed her.

 "What happened?" She asked.

 "He's lucky a guard was in the room. He said mom deserved to die. I told him everything that's been happening with Ian and for a second he acted like he cared, then went right back to saying how mom deserved it."

 Skylar looked at the room where my brothers and sisters are.

 "I can't imagine what they're going through." Skylar sighed.

 We went back to the room and we all sat in silence for about an hour.

 The faint sound of sheets moving shattered the silence.

 The doctor walked in and sent us all into the hallway.

 The doctor called people in, one by one. They came out minutes later, crying.

 Everyone went in before Skylar, Ian, and I.

 "What's happening?" Ian asked.

 "I don't know."

 The doctor called all of us in last and all at once.

 Mom was awake and as we all walked over to her bed, Ian was trying his best not to cry.


 Ian stood over her bed.

 "I know I'm not going to make it, but listen. I love you. I'm proud of you. Stay strong. Everything will be okay. Dad's in jail, and he can't hurt you guys either anymore."

 "I love you mom." Ian cried.

 "I love you too." Mom said and wiped his tears.

 They hugged each other.

 Ian went into the hallway and mom called Skylar and I over.

 "Titus, you're my oldest son, and I want to thank you for helping Ian through everything. I love you."

 "Skylar, I love you. From the day Titus brought you home, I knew you guys were perfect for each other."

 Skylar's eyes teared up.

 "We have news actually." She was able to say and showed mom the engagement ring.

 Mom cried tears of joy and hugged Skylar.

 "I would have been honored to have you as my daughter in law." Mom cried.

 "And there's more news. We're having a baby."

 Mom stayed silent for a few minutes and looked at Skylar and I.

 "You guys will be amazing parents." She smiled and held us.

 We were forced to leave the hospital. That night, Skylar and I were lying on the couch and my phone rang.

 "Hello?" I answered.

 "We got the phone call a few minutes ago... she's gone." My stepdad said.

 "Th-thank you." I stuttered and hung up the phone.

 Hearing those words made it all seem real, too real. I got up without saying a word to Skylar and went into the kitchen.

"Titus?" She asked.

 I rummaged through the medicine cabinet and found some pills. I dumped a bunch into my palm and Skylar rushed into the kitchen and tackled me to the ground.

 I sat up and Skylar was sitting next to me. Her eyes filled with tears. Mine did too.

 We held each other for an hour without saying a word.

 Pills were scattered all over the floor, but my biggest drug was the one holding me.

 I looked into her eyes and wiped her tears.

 She kissed my lips, and we held each other.

 She fell asleep in my arms and I carried her to bed.

 I wrapped my arms around her.

 She pushed me away.

 "Sky... I'm sorry."

 I backed up and she pulled me back.

 "I'm pregnant. I'm allowed to act like this." She laughed.

 I smiled and moved the hair out of her face.

 "You're amazing, you know that?" I smiled.

 "I know that plenty." She smirked and paused.

 "But I wouldn't be me without you."

 I smiled and held her tight.

 "I love you."

 "I love you too." She smiled.

 We fell asleep in each other's arms.

 I was woken up by Skylar shaking me awake.


 "Can you make me cookies?" She laughed.

 "It's seven A.M., babe." I smiled.

 "We're talking about eating cookies, not drinking vodka." She smirked.

 I laughed.

 We walked into the kitchen to see the pills still scattered.

 "I'll clean them up."

 "Are you sure? I can help."

 "Cookies are more important." She laughed.

 "You and your cookies." I smirked and grabbed the cookie mix from the pantry.

 I put the cookies in the oven and sat on the couch.

 Skylar sat on my lap and hugged me. I held her tight.

 "Thank you for putting up with me." She said.

 I kissed her forehead.

 "You can be a pain in the ass but I'm just glad you're my pain in the ass."

 "Excuse me?"

 "Okay, a cute pain in the ass." I smiled.

 "Better." She said and laid her head on my chest.

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