Small Town Miracles


1. 1.

  It was the day before Halloween, and every student at school was dressed up today. My friends and I were thinking of ideas on what to do this Halloween. I stood at my locker, grabbing my books. My friends, Gunner and Payton, rushed up to me.

 "Hey, so Billy is going to the abandoned hospital tonight." Gunner said.

 "How does this involve me?" I asked.

 "Because we should go there tomorrow night."

 "Billy is a dumb jock. The guy broke his arm five times this year for stupid stunts."

 "Fine. Let's just watch Paranormal War tomorrow night. It just came out on Netflix." Payton said.


 As the next night arrived, I sat at home waiting for Payton and Gunner to show up. After an hour, they still weren't here so I scrolled through Twitter. A tweet appeared at the top of my Newsboard.

  "Idiots!" I shouted and ran out of the front door.

 I quickly drove to the hospital and got out of my truck. The front doors would open and I growled. I ran in and heard noises coming from behind the front desk. I walked over to see Gunner and Payton holding a recorder.

 They looked at me and became silent.

 "Are you two insane?!" I growled.

 "Hey, Payton, it looks like Titus is scared." Gunner laughed.

 "I'm not scared, you idiots. This is trespassing."

 We heard footsteps come through the door. A girl with long, auburn hair stood in the doorway.

 Suddenly, police sirens howled in the night. We rushed out of the door, knocking the girl to the ground.

Gunner and Payton ran to their houses but I stayed behind, watching the girl getting put into the police car. I watched from behind some trees.

 "I was just looking for my cat!" She said.

 "You were trespassing." A police officer said and they drove her away.

 I walked to the police station and when I got there, I saw her sitting in a cell, tears falling from her eyes.

 I walked over to the cell and she looked at me.

 "Are you okay?" I asked.

 "No, I'm not. I'm sitting in a fucking jail cell, thanks to you and your idiot friends. My cat is out there all alone."

 "I'm sorry. I know we don't know each other, but I feel bad."

 She looked at me, fire building in her eyes.

 "I'll bail you out." I said.

 "No, I don't need your fucking help."

 I sighed and went back to the hospital.

 "Kitty, kitty, kitty!" I called and whistled.

 I heard a meow in the corner.

 I picked the cat up and carried it home.

 I walked through the front door and my mom looked at me, confused.

 "Titus, we are not getting a cat."

 "I know. I'm just giving it a bath."


 "Don't worry."

 I grabbed some old shampoo that we had when we had a cat.

 "Okay, be a good kitty." I said.

 After a long and painful bath, I wrapped the cat in a towel and put it in a carrier. I wrote a note and went back to the police station.

 As I walked inside, I heard the girl sobbing loudly. The girl looked at me and gasped.

 I put the carrier on the counter and asked the man how much bail was.

 I handed him the money and he let the girl out.

 She ran towards the carrier and smiled.

 I smiled and walked out of the doors.

 Kids weren't trick-or-treating anymore, as it was almost midnight now.

 The police station doors opened and I looked behind me to see the girl running towards me, with the carrier in her arms.

 "Hey, thank you."

 "No problem." I said and faked a small smile.

 "So, uh, I think we got off on the wrong foot."

  I looked at her.

"Me too. My name is Titus, and your's?"

 "Skylar." She smiled.

"Can I ask you a question?" I asked.

 She nodded.

 "Why is this cat so important to you?"

 "You've never had a pet, have you?"

 "I had a cat before. We had to sell him. But other than him, nope."

 "I had Princess since I was seven. She was there for me through all the shit that has happened."


 "Oh, uh, nothing."

 We talked for a while and then said our goodbyes.

 When I got home, my mom and my stepdad were yelling at each other again. I sighed and went straight to my room. My mom and stepdad fought a lot,  almost everyday. My stepdad always came home late and drunk, Mom was always expecting the worst, because that's all that ever happened to her.

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