Colours and many more poetry

These are a few poems I have written in my year 9 English class, open to a hole new world of poetery !


3. Gilly


To your very first home

You were sad and brused

Now closely and worm

Your body mixed all up

Bull mastiff and more

Ranga and White

Your cute but your weird

White noise

And white tail tip

And pink for your paws

Thank you for keeping me warm

And your endless playing

So much playing but yet so lazy

But thank you Gilbert for the time we did spend

And the time that you gave me

But I guess it's the time

The time to say bye

So goodnight my friend have a good long sleep

I'll see you one day I'll bring you a treat

For you and your friends

Please watch over me

I wish you the best up in doggy heaven

And I'll see you again one day I promise

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