For the Invent your own kick ass heroine competition.

Meet Blade, a deadly girl on a deadly mission. Plagued with the horrific nightmares of her past, and a cruel taste for revenge. She's out on a kill.


2. Revenge Is Best Served As a Cold Dish

6 Years Later


Blade Hunter was surfing through the internet, seeing what the top news currently was. She was glad to see that the news of her family demise had gone from number one to number two. At number two, was the news of the brutal slaying of businessman Mark Hunter, and his family, though they had never found the bodies or bones of the Wells children. Of course not, Blade thought, how would they find the bones of two people who were still living, or the body of her brother, when Blade had made sure that her brother would always remain close with her. She clicked on the news at number one, and was beginning to read something which she already knew, when she heard the sound of footsteps coming down the steps. Blade quickly opened another tab and looked to see her eight year old sister Mia come into the living room. Mia's face was tear stained, which told Blade what she already needed to know.


"Another nightmare," she asked her sister.


Mia didn't say anything, but just nod her head. She gestured for her sister to come towards her; Blade wrapped her sister in a tight hug. They were two sisters who couldn't be more different from each other. Mia was beautiful, with lovely long blonde hair and a pretty face, while Blade was the complete opposite, with a plain face and a scar marring her face. People would often compare Blade and her sister, wondering how two girls who looked so different could be sisters. But, what nobody knew was that a horrible tragedy united both these girls. The nightmares which Mia continued to have, since the tragedy, couldn’t help but frighten Blade, who wanted the very best for her little sister. She had failed to protect her brother, and she wouldn’t fail to protect her sister.


"It's nine o clock, princess, time to sleep," Blade told her sister, as she brushed her sister's hair, and rocked her to sleep.


Once Blade was sure, her sister was sleeping, she opened the tab again, which had the news of a man being murdered, and she began reading the news.


Cold Murder Sparks Fear in All


Attorney Bill Alderman was found murdered yesterday at his home here in London. Bill Alderman, well known attorney and known as "Golden" to his friends, due to his golden tooth was found stabbed, but that wasn't what killed him, but the fact that he had been shoved into his own freezer, and literally froze to death. Local police, so far had found no evidence, and have asked anyone who may have seen anything, to call the police. An important source has told us, that Bill's golden tooth was pulled out of his mouth, when he was alive. Which psycho could have done something like this?


Blade smirked, before closing the tab. She knew that the media would report on Bill's murder, but she hadn't expected his death to be on the news already. But, she guessed that was what happened, if whoever died was rich or important, or both. The police were probably looking for a psychopath, someone in his thirties or forties, probably someone who was an associate of Bill's. They would just assume that it had to do with something to do with money, but what they didn't know was that this wasn't a murder based on money, but revenge. It was a revenge which was 6 years too late. Nobody would even suspect a young 14 year old girl, and that was an advantage of Blade's. Nobody would even think that she would have done something, and why should they? Blade turned off the computer, and picked Mia up, as she turned off the light, and placed Mia on Mia's bed in her room, before going to her own room. Blade locked her room door, after going inside and then she dropped onto her bed, and looked at the golden tooth which remained on her drawer. She had taken a souvenir of her first murder, but it wasn't really a murder. It was her taking justice in her own hands. Blade closed her eyes, and gripped tightly her brother's hand in her own. She turned to face what was left of her body, and brushed his hair, which she had stuck back onto his head.


"I love you Kyle," she whispered, before going to sleep.

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