Exam Time Again

Septiplier AUs. The stress of high school exams get to them sometimes. | A collection of Septiplier one-shots, in no particular order. Yet. (I might come back and make this a whole story later on)


1. Bloody Exams

A/N: Link to original series: http://archiveofourown.org/series/358715


Jack threw down his pen, glad that his exam was finally over. Damned maths. He glanced up at the teacher to see that she was marking work for other classes, and glanced around the room. He saw a couple of people aimlessly flicking through their exam and a few reading books, but the majority was still working. He heard pens scratching against paper, and someone tapping their nails against a tabletop. Papers rustled as pages were flipped over.

Jack’s eyes landed on Mark on the other side of the room, with his raven-coloured hair flopping over his eyes, hiding behind a thin pair of glasses. He was so… focussed, and Jack found himself absentmindedly wondering what was going on in his head, just like he did so often.

He pulled himself out of his daze, and mentally slapped himself. Now was not the time to be thinking about Mark, no matter how hot he was with that gorgeous dark hair, and dark, chocolate-brown eyes, and slightly darker Korean skin tone that greatly contrasted with Jack’s milky-white skin-

Goddamnit, Jack, he told himself. Pull yer damned head in and read through yer bloody exam.

And he tried, dear god, he did. But in the silence of the room, he could hear the ticking of the clock each second, someone’s foot tapping against the carpeted floor, and that one person was still tapping their nails.

And Mark’s handsome face just kept swimming into his mind and soon enough, he just gave into it.

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