Runaway- Michael Clifford story

Glisten is a runaway, her family did not seem to wish or bother to search for her, she was invariably alone ever so since she was 9 years old.

One day she found a home somewhere and decided to go in and simply lurk around, but what she did not notice was that somebody was living there. What would happen if that special soul finds her? What would the person consider or do?

Find out in Runaway.


4. Chapter 5: Runaway Cats

There was so much tension in the room, I hate when there's tension in a room. "Do we have to bring Cerelia with us?" Michael uncomfortably mumbles to Calum.

Calum sighed out, "We have no choice."

"Yeah we do, we could not bring her," Michael suggest, Calum shook his head in disbelief.

"I don't understand-"

Michael cut off Calum, I don't understand why you like her!" I didn't expect him to shout, so that made me wince.

"Calm down, buddy." Calum cringes at his friend outburst.

"Sorry," Michael mutter under his breath.

"I'm ready bitches!" I turned my head towards Michael and saw him gagging. Jesus does he hate her that much?

"Oh. You're also bringing the trash can over here?" Never mind I see it.

I stood there silently, "Why is this trash can wearing my clothes and makeup?" The girl disgustingly scoffs.

"Shut the fućk up." Michael defensively says. Wow, no one ever defended me before. I felt a warm feeling that I never felt before, it felt good.

My thoughts were cut short, snapping me back to the disgusting world."What did you say?"

"You heard me" Michael came closer to the girl. Oh shït they're gonna fight, I pray to God that Calum would stop it or somebody.

"Oh you-"


Oh, thank God! Michael and the girl stop their nonsense and turned around to Calum. "Both of you are an embarrassment to everyone! We didn't even step out the house and you two are bitching about what? Now can we please have a nice Lunch without you two ruin it?" Michael and the girl gave a glance at each other and then back to Calum.

They both hesitate before saying, "Yes we can get along"

"Good now let's go before you to cause more damage!"


This is the most uncomfortable car ride ever. Michael and the girl look like they wanted to choke each other to death, and Calum oh don't get me started with Calum, he looks like he about to blow or something I really don't know what he's doing, but it looks wrong.

I could tell Calum was getting restless. "Are we there yet?" Calum asks the driver.

"No" The driver blandly say

After like a minute Calum asks for the tenth time and I could tell that the driver was getting pissed. "Calum! For the last time, nowhere not there yet, would you please stop asking?" The driver pause."I'll tell you when we're there." The driver said with gritted teeth.

Calum just sighed impatiently. "So...Are we there yet?"


Thank God we made it to the place before Calum made the driver make us walk to the place.

I didn't really know where the hell we were eating at. "Umm"

"You're not allowed to talk, bitch" The girl quickly cuts me off. This bitch has some nerves.

"Cerelia, you have no rights!" Michael started to get pissed off again at, Miss-I-think-I'm-The-shit-but-is-really-a-bitch.

"Why you care so much?"Was I thinking the same thing?

"None of your business" Michael snapped at her.

Cerelia scoffs. "Whatever"

We walked in the place. "What the-Michael where are we at?" Calum asks all confused. I was all sorts of confusing too.

"I have no idea?" Michael shrugs.

"Oh god, there's cats here!" Cerelia states in utter disgust.

"Whe-OH MY BALLS!" I got spooked when Michael started to screech like a little girl.

"Bye bitches, I'm out of here!" Cerelia puts up one hand and walks her ass out the door, thank God.

"Okay we have free samples"

"Move out the way free samples coming through, move!" Cerelia came running in and pushing us out the way to get the free samples

"Oh my God she's eating like a pig" Michael look like he was gonna puke, I don't blame him, Calum, on... the other hand, looks like he wanted to get hit by a car.

Everybody was looking at us like we were mental or something. "This is the best place ever, more samples!" Cerelia said with a mouthful of food.

"I lost my appetite" Calum sickly says.

Michael and I nod our heads in agreement. "Let's go see the cats!" Michael jumps up and down, getting all sorts of excited. We both nod our heads in agreement and went towards the cat area, leaving the pig behind.

"Look how fluffy this one is !" Michael was gawking at the cats, he was definitely in heaven.

"Hello my name is Ms.Flu, would you like something to eat?" The lady pop out of nowhere and politely asks.

"Umm, not right now." I politely denied the offer.

"Okay just tell me or the other waitress when you're ready to order," Ms.Flu tells us, walking away to go help the other customers.

"So umm" Calum begins, but stop when he didn't know my name.

"Oh, my name is-" I froze, not knowing what my name was.

Oh fućk, I don't know my name!


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