Runaway- Michael Clifford story

Glisten is a runaway, her family did not seem to wish or bother to search for her, she was invariably alone ever so since she was 9 years old.

One day she found a home somewhere and decided to go in and simply lurk around, but what she did not notice was that somebody was living there. What would happen if that special soul finds her? What would the person consider or do?

Find out in Runaway.


3. Chapter 4: Runaway Makeup Routine

The boy handed us both a plate of food. "Eat up"

"Lord Jesus" The boy next to me shudders

"Oh for Christ sakes, it's not poisonousness." The boy rolled his eyes at his dramatic friend

"Last time so-" The boy cut him off quickly

"Okay never mind I'll order food." The boy quickly took our plates and threw it away.

These people are whackos. I wonder if they're secretly a murder or something. Oh God, now I'm starting to panic, HELP!

"Umm,umm" I couldn't even form a fu$king sentence now.

"You sound like does birds from Finding Nemo, where they go 'mine,mine,mine.' " The boy next to me mimic the birds from the movie.

"Calum." The boy glared at his friend and threw a roll at him.

"Thanks" The boy took a bite out of the roll.

"By the way, that roll is expired." The boy said, while taking a seat next to me.

The boy immediately spat the roll out and ran to the sink and rinse his mouth. "Lord" I mouthed to myself.

The boy started to laugh. "When you're done exaggerating over a damn roll, we need to talk." The boy said between laughter.

"Are we gonna talk about the birds and bees, cause I already know about that." Oh my gosh,why is this happening to me?

The boy stops his laughing and face-palm his head on the table and shook his head. "Why am I friends with this fool?"

"I'm asking the same thing," I mutter to myself.


"Hey. It's been like 30 minutes, did anyone forgot to order the food?" The boy asks while plopping down on the couch.

"Where to go-" The boy cut off his friend in a hurry

"No,no,no. I am not going anywhere, I don't like people!" The boy shook his head in a disagreement.

"Then you don't eat." The boy responded to his friend childish behavior.

"Ugh!" The boy stomps his way upstairs to get dressed, That's what I'm guessing.

It started to get quite."Well, this just got awkward." Of course, I didn't say out loud, I am not good if I'm in an awkward situation, especially if I have to break the awkwardness. "Here" The boy broke the silence (thank god), by handing me some clothes to put on. I was about to ask where the bathroom was but I guess my by my expression the boy pointed towards the bathroom.

"You can take also take a shower. Calum takes forever, especially when he doesn't want to go somewhere." The boy explains. Oh, thank God, I don't remember the last time I took one, also I hope they don't mind if I use their toothbrush and hair stuff.

I went towards the bathroom and lock it. I went to look for the toothbrush and toothpaste and brushed my teethes, after that, I strip down and went in the shower.


I got out the shower and dried off and dry my hair and got dressed.

I got out the shower and dried off and dry my hair and got dressed

I unlocked the door and waited in the living room to go . "Okay so did the clothes fit, right?" The boy blurted out, which made me jump a little.

"Y-y-yeah" I stutter. I was so nervous I couldn't even talk correctly.

"Okay. Ummm, do you need any makeup or hair tie?" What? The boy saw my expression. "You don't know what makeup is?" The boy asks not in a rude way.

"I'll be right back." The boy quickly left before I could even say a word. The boy came back downstairs and had a bag in his hand and a mirror.

"Do you know what this is?" The boy got out a pink bottle. "Uhh"

"So that's a no? Okay, this is lip gloss, you put this on your lips." The boy explains while handing me the thing.

I unscrew it the top and put the glossy piece on my bottom and top lip.

"And now rub it together with your lips." I did as the boy instructed me to.

"Okay, next is this." The boy showed me another bottle.

"What is that?" I asked a little puzzled by it.

"I don't know you put it all over your face, that's all I know." The boy shrugs. "Okay use this brush to rub it in." The boy handed me the brush to rub it in.

"Okay, the last thing is this stuff" The boy handed me another liquid thing. Good grief, is everything liquid?

"You put this on your eyelash. I'll help you with that." The boy explains more.

"Okay stay very still so I can put this on." The boy Politely instructed me to do. I stayed as still as I could and he started to put the stuff on my left and right eye.

"All done" the boy happily says, while putting the stuff back in the bag.

I look in the mirror to see the result. "You like it?" The boy nervously says waiting for my reaction. "I never look this good in my life. I love it thank you, umm"

"Michael" The boy answers

"Right. Thank you, Michael." I properly thank him.

"Anytime" The boy smiled. "One more thing," Michael said while grabbing a hair tie. "Turn around" Michael commanded me (in a nice way.)

I turned around in my seat. "Whatcha gonna do?" I ask kinda anxious.

"I'm gonna braid your hair, don't worry, it won't hurt I've done this before." Michael gently grabs pieces of my hair and started braiding it. This reminds me of what my mom use to do before disowning me. Tears started to come out, but I refuse to let it come down.

"Okay I'm ready, let's go." Calum (I think that's his name.) came down the stair and urge us towards the door.

Before we were about to go, we heard a voice coming from upstairs. "Did you idiots forget someone?"

I saw Michael started to stiff up. "Oh God why?" I heard Michael Disgustingly mumbles.

"Dear God, this isn't gonna end well."


I wonder what's gonna happen next? Also please tell me if I made any mistakes, thank you! :)

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