Twice The Joy Twice The Pain

What if 5 of the Gods had all fallen for the same woman? What it she was already pregnant wit Percy Jackson. Percy had a twin sister. What no one knew was how powerful she was. Persia was the child of five gods. She was separated from Percy at age 5 but they never stopped looking for each other.


3. The Mystery Girl

* Back At Camp*



Chiron was just iris messaging Reyna, Frank, And Hazel when he heard Clarisse La Rue came barging in. He ended the iris message and glanced worriedly at the distressed girl. " Chiron! Hydra at the bottom of the hill! There is a girl down there fighting it and she appears to be alone. We need to get her some help down there! I'm going down there and I'm taking Solace,Conner and Travis, Lou Ellen and Cecil with me." Chiron didn't believe his ears. A hydra? How could one girl be fighting off a hydra by herself for this long? One thing was for sure. She needs help and there wasn't any time for dilly dally. " Ok. Hurry. I will be there a soon as I make sure everyone is safe at camp and that they don't go wandering." Clarisse nodded and took off. Chiron went about camp and told everyone to stay in the camp no matter what. He told Drew to watch over them and make sure they are all accounted for. Chiron ran down the hill and loaded his bow. He saw a girl with dark hair and furious blue eyes fighting a hydra. Clarisse and the others were standing there watching in astonishment. The girl most certainly did not need any help. She was single handedly fighting a hydra with only a dagger. She looked like the type of person who would do better with a sword but she was handling herself just fine with the bronze dagger. She got the dagger knocked out of her hand by the hydra as one of the heads snapped at the dagger and the other at her head, but she managed to dodge that one thank the gods. Clarisse charged at the beast and started hitting it over and over with her spear. Cecil ran in and grabbed the girls dagger and tossed it to her. He was supposed to cause a distraction so Conner and Travis could sneak around behind and tie its legs to a nearby tree while Lou Ellen covered them. Will Solace had his sword ready in case he had to use it but he was a healer, not a fighter. He was mainly there in case someone was hurt, like they figured the girl would be. The girl was fighting. She had been fighting this hydra for at least half an hour at this point. She had to be tired. No way she could be perfectly fine either. She had a few cuts in her face and arms but none that were too major. She had a deeper cut on her leg, but it was nothing that couldn't be fixed with some ambrosia. That's when he noticed her stomach. Chiron's heart sank. He had never seen a cut that deep on someone that was still standing. The cut went up from her stomach up to her ribs. You could see the bones. She had blood running down her legs and that's what made the cut on her leg look deep. If she made it Chiron would be very impressed. But, he was already impressed. She acted as if nothing was wrong. Like she had nothing to worry about. She was smiling and laughing as she ran circles around the monster slashing and stabbing at anything that got close to her. Then, she was finally hit. She went flying into a tree. There was a loud thud and a heartbreaking crack as her back hit the tree. Will Solace ran over to the mystery girl but she just stood back up and tried to look like she was fine. She was most certainly not fine. Something in her back had to have been shattered. Unless she is a daughter of Apollo. They heal very fast. But, then the cut would be gone by now. Chiron shot an arrow at one of the heads. Wrong head. Another six heads popped up as a result. Then the girl spoke. " I know witch head will kill it! Everyone get behind me this will get messy!" Everybody was confused but they didn't have a better plan so they thought it would be wise to listen to the girl. The girl was next to a pond. A wall of water rose up around them and she was summoned lighting and it hit one of the heads and the monster started to disintegrate. Just not quick enough. It was missing some of the heads but it still had enough to snap at them. The girl was fighting it with water. She was sending water at in almost every direction. Then, probably one of the rarest things they have seen, as they had only seen it one other time, She dragged all of them into a shadow of the tree and shadow traveled all eight of them to the top of the hill and right into camp.

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