Twice The Joy Twice The Pain

What if 5 of the Gods had all fallen for the same woman? What it she was already pregnant wit Percy Jackson. Percy had a twin sister. What no one knew was how powerful she was. Persia was the child of five gods. She was separated from Percy at age 5 but they never stopped looking for each other.


5. Godly Parnet? No? Ok maybe later

Percy and Jason were late. They got back to camp in about four hours. Percy was always late, but Jason? He usually had pretty good timing. Chiron had told Frank, Hazel, and Reyna that they needed to get to Camp Half Blood as quickly as they could. They Got there and hour before Jason and Percy who still haven't shown up. They rushed into the infirmary to talk to Chiron. " Chiron. We came as soon as we could. Whats going on? Who is this girl? Is she alright?" Reyna was the only one to talk upon finding the centaur. Reyna studied the girl. She didn't look very weak at all. She honestly looked better than most Romans and that was saying something. Are we sure that this girl is Greek? " Has she been claimed yet?", Reyna asked quietly. She didn't know if the girl was only sleeping or if she was unconscious. Chiron started to answer some questions. " Her name is Persia Jackson. She has not been claimed yet. But she HAS to be a child of one of the big three. She is so powerful, Reyna. I've never seen anything like it. She looks about 17. I don't know how she survived all alone for so long. We found her at the bottom of the hill. Fighting a hydra. Reyna's mouth dropped. A hydra? Reyna normally never says stuff like this but this girl unnerved her. " How the hell did she fight a hydra Chiron?! Did she do it alone?" " Not completely. Clarisse, myself, and some of the other campers went to help but we hardly had to do anything. She handled it perfectly fine. But that's not the part that confuses me the most. What im wondering is who is her godly parent? She has shown signs of a few of them. She ran circles around the hydra fighting it with only a dagger. Yet, she didn't think about losing for a second. She fought very bravely. Then, she told all of us to get behind her. we did. She built a wall of water around us. Then she shot a lighting bolt at the head she figured out would kill it. Then, she shadow traveled all eight of us up here so that we couldn't be attacked anymore.. I've never seen anything like it and I don't know what to do." Reyna tried to take all of this in. This one girl was able to do all that? Impressive. Frank spoke up. " She sounds like she could be a daughter of Mars. I mean Aries. She certainly looks like one." Then Hazel commented, " She has hair that mainly would suggest Poseidon or Hades. Her skin defiantly suggests Hades. She does look like she is pretty built up. Aries is defiantly a possibility. From what you told us of her fighting with a dagger, that might suggest Hermes. And for the lightning bolts, Zeus.  And the wall of water has Poseidon written all over it." Hazel  was right. But it didn't make sense. How could she have five godly parents? How could she have five parents in general? But hey, the gods work in mysterious ways. I guess we just have to wait for her parent to claim her, Chiron thought. Then they heard a crash outside.  Everyone exchanged nervous glances. Chiron just said calmly. " Ah, Percy Jackson and Jason Grace have finally decided to make an appearance. Shall we go greet them?" Chiron stood up and walked out with Reyna, Frank, and Hazel following him

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