Twice The Joy Twice The Pain

What if 5 of the Gods had all fallen for the same woman? What it she was already pregnant wit Percy Jackson. Percy had a twin sister. What no one knew was how powerful she was. Persia was the child of five gods. She was separated from Percy at age 5 but they never stopped looking for each other.


7. Extrodinary

Percy woke up two days later with Jason, Piper, and even Nico sitting beside him.'' How long was I out?" Piper answered, " Two days. Me and Annabeth just got back 30 minutes ago. And we found two new demigods." As much as Percy wanted to hear about their adventure, he wanted to see Persia more? " What about Persia? Is she awake" Jason sighed." No she isn't awake but she should be fine. Just to warn you Percy, she will be in a lot of pain when she wakes up. she has a severe concussion, a cut on her stomach that was life threatening, and she broke her back." Percy had tears in his eyes. Its been 13 years since he's seen Persia in anything but nightmares. He stood up and went to go sit next to his twin. She still had the braid in her hair from two days ago. The hair tie had fallen out though. Percy walked out the door. Piper went to follow him discreetly to make sure he was ok. She was surprised when he went and knocked on the Aphrodite cabins door. Drew answered. " Oh hey percy!" She fluttered her eyelashes. " What brings you here?" Percy just looked down at his feet. " Can I borrow a hairbrush and two hair ties?" Drew was taken aback. " Uh sure. I guess." Drew went back into the cabin and came out with a new hairbrush and a package of hair ties. Drew knew that Persia was his sister. She thought that they were probably for her. " You can keep all of it." Percy looked up at drew and smiled. " Thanks. Drew, They're for my sister. She always had her hair in two braids." " No problem Percy. Bye now." Percy walked back to the infirmary and silently sat down and started brushing Persia's hair. Tears were flowing down Percy's face. The other decided to leave him with her. Will would be back later to check on them anyway. Percy sat there holding her hand. He was remembering all the memories he had made with her. of them stealing cookies from sally. Of them messing around with the drums and making up songs. Of their first day of school. Of when both of them got suspended for getting in a fight when some kid thought it would be funny to cut of Persia's ponytail. Persia didn't care how her hair looked but she did want to show him that that wasn't an ok thing to do to people and Percy being furious because he loved braiding Persia's hair for her in the mornings. They had had some good times. Whenever one of them was scarred at night they would go crawl in bed with the other one and everything would be ok. They felt like they were invincible together. Then Persia was taken away. Percy was lost in thought when he felt her grip get tighter in his hand. He looked up and saw Persia's beautiful blue eyes fluttering open. " P-Persia?" Persia whipped her head around causing her to gasp in pain. " Percy? Is it really you?" Percy smiled. " Its really me. I-I never thought I would see you again." Both of them broke down in tears. They cried into each others arms. Once they calmed down, Percy asked if she was in pain. " I fought a fucking hydra. Yeah theres a little bit of pain" She said sarcastically. Percy laughed. She was the same old Persia. " Ok then ill go get Will. Hang on." Percy ran out and ran to cabin six and busted in not even bothering to knock. " WILL HURRY SHES AWAKE!" Will jumped up and ran with Percy to the infirmary without another word. They reached the infirmary out of breath and Persia was just sitting there calmly but with her teeth gritted from pain. " I take you're Will then?" She said to the blond. " That's me" Will smiled at her. " Now im gonna need you to rate your pain on a scale from 1 to 10. And be honest ok? Persia rolled her eyes. " 8" Will looked at her impressed. A broken back was usually a 10 by itself. But she didn't look like she was in pain so he went and got her some pain medication. He checked her pulse and temperature and both were fine. " Well im going to put a brace on your back at least ok? And I need to change the bandages on your stomach and chest. You can tell percy to leave if you don't want him to see you topless." Persia just laughed. " Just but on the brace and change the bandages and as for Percy, he has seen way worse than this but he can leave if he wants to." It was Percy's turn to laugh. '' I'll stay right here thank you very much" Will nodded and started changing the bandages. He put the brace on quickly. " Ok well I suggest you stay here for a few days but if you don't want to you can leave and Percy can give you a tour of the camp and take you to cabin 3. Persia was confused. " Cabin 3?" " Its the Poseidon cabin. Im a son of Poseidon and I guess that makes you  his daughter." Persia took this strangely well and just nodded and stood up. " Is there anyway I can get some clean clothes?" She asked her brother. " Yeah i'll go ask piper if you can borrow some of hers. Come on. You need to meet everyone. " The two walked out of the infirmary  hand in hand. First they went to the Athena cabin and before he knocked he explained that his girlfriend Annabeth was a daughter of Athena. Annabeth opened the door before he could even knock. " Seaweed brain! Thank the gods you're ok! Chiron wouldn't let me into the infirmary! He said you wouldn't want me to see you like that and that you were unconscious anyway. Mind explaining that?! " Annabeth had her hand on her hip and she didn't see the shorter girl behind Percy until she stepped to the side and said " Whoa lets take a step back here. Percy Jackson! What the hell did you get yourself into you dumbass?!" Annabeth was shocked. This was Persia. And she was a little surprised with her language. But she completely agreed so she just smiled at her and stuck out her hand. " Oh hello! Im Annabeth. Im Percy's girlfriend. You must be Persia!" They shook hands. " Now" said Persia. " Why were you unconscious?" Percy looked down with tears in his eyes. " Well I was told that you weren't going to make it through the night and I blacked out." The girl maid eye contact and laughed when they realized they already knew each other well enough to communicate through there eyes. They both hugged Percy and assured him everything was fine and that both of them would always be there for him from now on. After they separated , Persia asked if she would like to join her and Percy while they gave her a tour of the camp. The 3 of them set off and the time flew. It was time for dinner and they all sat together at the Poseidon tables. No one objected to Annabeth sitting there. She was already best friends with Annabeth and that made percy really happy. After dinner they went out to the campfire. They were all about to go back to their cabins when  a symbol appeared over Persia's head. Poseidon. It disappeared a second later and was replaced with the symbol of Zeus. Not a second later, the symbol of Aries was over her head. Everyone was in shock but what shocked them even more was that the symbol of Hades was now above her head. As soon as it was gone it was replaced by the sign of Hermes. No one knew what to say until Chiron spoke up. " Welcome Persia Jackson, Daughter of Poseidon, Zeus, Aries, Hades, and Hermes." That's the last thing Persia heard before her thoughts took over and she passed out and hit the ground.

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