Once Upon A Kik | Phan

Dan didn't know what the heck possessed him to download kik onto his phone that day - nor did he know that downloading that app would do so much more than take up space on his phone. | Book One in the "YOU HAVE A MESSAGE" series.


3. San

Dan and Phil happily spent the next hour and a half aimlessly talking about the most random deal they could think of. They swapped stories about their favourite Pokemon, animes, talked some more about their mutual obsession with Muse, and a bunch of other things.

It went on and on, and Dan was enjoying every message.

And he also may or may not have been developing a slight crush on Phil. But there was no way that he could be crushing on Phil, they hadn't even been talking for 24 hours.
But he still felt happier talking to Phil than he had ever been in his life.

AmazingPhil : Oh, jeez...

danisnotonfire : what?

AmazingPhil : Um, I'll be back in a few, one of my friends is calling me.

danisnotonfire : k :)

Dan switched off his phone, chucking it on the couch beside him. He was laying on his back, slightly uncomfortably due to the strange couch, and a baking show was quietly playing in the background. Not that he was paying attention to it, of course.

He closed his eyes and put his hands behind his head, relaxing.

But those beautiful blue eyes were imprinted into his mind. And he never once tried to stop it.

Until he realised that Phil was most likely straight. Good going, Dan, he told himself.

He had started to doze off when his phone vibrated again.

AmazingPhil : Well, half of my afternoon plans have been rearranged.

danisnotonfire : what's up?

AmazingPhil : One of my friends called me and said they're sick, so our day in town's been cancelled, seeing as their boyfriend refuses to leave their side :P

danisnotonfire : aww, that's cute XD

AmazingPhil : I know, right? They've been inseparable for as long as I can remember, and they started dating a couple of years ago.

danisnotonfire : that is definitely cute.

Phil didn't reply for a few moments, which was strange for him. When Phil finally typed, it was something that made Dan begin to worry slightly.

AmazingPhil : Hey, Dan? Can I ask you something?

danisnotonfire : ask away.

AmazingPhil : ...you're not homophobic, are you?

Dan raised his eyebrows and began chewing on his lip, debating whether or not to tell Phil about the small battle going on in his head.

AmazingPhil : Dan?

He decided to go for it.

danisnotonfire : what? no! of course not. I'm bisexual myself, actually.

AmazingPhil : Really! Thank god.

danisnotonfire : you don't mind?

AmazingPhil : Of course not! I'm bi too, y'know :P

Dan stared.

Holy crap.

Holy shit.

Maybe he had a bit of a chance after all.

Stop it, Dan! he yelled furiously at himself. You barely know the guy!

danisnotonfire : that's cool :p why'd you ask?

AmazingPhil : Just because the two people I mentioned just before are both guys. Chris and PJ.

danisnotonfire : that's totally fine, trust me :)

AmazingPhil : That's a relief ^-^
I've just come across a few homophobes in my life. Not very nice people.
I haven't been bullied or anything like that, but I've just seen how a few of them act around a same-sex couple just walking down the street.

danisnotonfire : I wouldn't know, tbh. I don't interact with other human beings much (going back to how I have no life outside the internet)

AmazingPhil : And I repeat, without the internet, we woulsnt be talking, would we?

danisnotonfire : in that case, I am incredibly glad about the internet.

AmazingPhil : You and me both :)

danisnotonfire : so, have any newly formed plans for this afternoon now that Chris and PJ bailed?

AmazingPhil : I'm still working on that. Probably more studying and Tumblr.

danisnotonfire : the day that I study will be the day the world implodes.

AmazingPhil : You shouldn't be like that D:

danisnotonfire : I am a failure at basic human function, do you expect me to study?

AmazingPhil : You're not a fail, Dan, you're amazing.

For some reason, this made Dan smile like an idiot, all while little butterflies danced around in his stomach.

danisnotonfire : who am I now, AmazingDan? :p

AmazingPhil : In that case, what does that make me, Philisnotonfire? XD

danisnotonfire : you're a goof, Phil :p

AmazingPhil : Same to you, Dan ^~^

danisnotonfire : and here is another example of the end of a conversation when I don't know what to say.

AmazingPhil : No worries! Let me think of another conversation :P

danisnotonfire : I'm sure you of all people can manage that.

AmazingPhil : I hope I can, otherwise my name isn't Phil Lester (as Chris would say in this situation) ^-^

danisnotonfire : he sounds cool :p

AmazingPhil : He is, and PJ too!
I think they have kik, if you want to meet them :)

danisnotonfire : maybe. I'm still getting over the fact that I'm holding up a conversation with a stranger.

AmazingPhil : We're not strangers anymore, Dan!
Not to me, at least :)

Inexplicably, butterflies started to dance in Dan's stomach.

danisnotonfire : in that case, not to me either :)

AmazingPhil : I really like you, Dan :) I mean, I know that we haven't even talked to each other for 24 hours, but you're possibly the closest thing I've had to a best friend.
Even with Chris and PJ, I always feel like I'm third wheeling.
I guess I am, in a way, but still, I hope you get my point.
Oh god, I'm making a fool of myself.

Dan was staring at his phone, at the messages that Phil kept sending him.

This was like a fanfiction that was just going way too fast.

AmazingPhil : Oh god.
I hope I didn't scare you away.
Please come back.
As creepy as it may have sounded, I meant every word of that.
Dan, you're reading these, I can see.

danisnotonfire : it's okay, I'm okay, nothing happened.
I'm just not used to this, is all. Nobody's ever said that to me, is all.

AmazingPhil : Nobody?! Really???
I don't believe that.

danisnotonfire : Nup, it's true.

AmazingPhil : Wow.
I have lost faith in humankind.

danisnotonfire : nah. I'm not that special.

AmazingPhil : Bullshit.

danisnotonfire : omg.

AmazingPhil : What?

danisnotonfire : did you just swear?

AmazingPhil : It seemed appropriate.

danisnotonfire : PHIL SWORE OMFG

AmazingPhil : Dan!

Dan laughed out loud.

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