Once Upon A Kik | Phan

Dan didn't know what the heck possessed him to download kik onto his phone that day - nor did he know that downloading that app would do so much more than take up space on his phone. | Book One in the "YOU HAVE A MESSAGE" series.


2. Ni

When Dan woke up, it was of his own accord, which was strange. Something normally would have happened to wake him up - his mother or father bursting in, or his little brother's TV shows playing loudly through the walls.
At least Dan had the sense to wear headphones.
But this morning, it was completely silent. Not even the TV was on with the morning news that his mother liked to watch, while his father read the newspaper as he ate breakfast.
He reached over and switched on his phone to check the time. 10:47am. Good god, he slept in a lot - but talking to someone on kik until 3 in the morning would probably do that to you.
Speaking of which, he saw the kik icon in his notifications and grinned. When he opened the app and saw that it was a message from Phil, he grinned wider.

36 minutes ago:
AmazingPhil : Morning! Hope you slept well :)

Dan responded immediately.

danisnotonfire : morning! I slept in way too long, sorry :p and yeah, I did, thanks :) you?

Switching off his phone, he managed to crawl out of bed and pull on a shirt, and headed downstairs in the unnatural silence. When he got to the kitchen, there was a note on the bench.

The three of us went into town for a little bit - you were fast asleep when I came in! I decided to let you sleep in today =)
We'll be back sometime after noon, so please don't blow the house up =)
- Mum xx

Dan smiled. He had the whole house to himself for two hours, give or take.
He was still most likely to browse Tumblr, eat junk food and procrastinate during this time, though, like any other Sunday.
Then his phone vibrated.

AmazingPhil : Good morning, sleepyhead! And I slept wonderfully, thank you ^~^
And we all need a sleep in sometimes, no worries :P

danisnotonfire : I sleep too much sometimes. I was debating whether or not to get out of bed at all today, honestly.

AmazingPhil : Are you up?

danisnotonfire : well, I had to find out why my house was completely silent, so yep.

AmazingPhil : Well, my house is haunted, so I think I win.

danisnotonfire : fair enough. my parents and little brother went into town, so I have the house to myself for a couple of hours :p

AmazingPhil : Awesome! My parents are both at work, and my older brother moved out last year, so I'm usually alone in this house.
It's so creepy. I seriously think this place is haunted sometimes.

danisnotonfire : how is it haunted?

AmazingPhil : Creaky floorboards and doors, old photos on the walls, inexplicable noises in the middle of the night...

danisnotonfire : oh. fair enough.
I'm terrified of paranormal stuff, to be honest.

AmazingPhil : I reccomend you don't live in this house, then.

danisnotonfire : I'll take your word for it.

AmazingPhil : That's probably a good idea.

Dan didn't know how to respond to that, so he awkwardly put hos phone down and hunted around for some cereal.
He sat down at the dining table with his bowl of cereal and looked at his phone, almost wishing that Phil would message him again. He wouldn't give up on Dan that quickly, would he? Like most other people did when they tried to engage him in conversation.
The fact that Dan was possibly the most socially awkward person to walk the Earth made school very difficult for him. He wasn't bullied, aside from the occasional "emo" comment that he always got, he just wasn't generally liked. Probably because of the fact that he always wore black or grey, never initiated conversation and always sat in the back corner. He'd gotten used to it.
And as if some unknown force had heard his wish, his phone vibrated again. And again. And kept going.

AmazingPhil : Dan?
I hope you haven't fallen asleep again.
I will keep my word~
You're not getting rid of me, Dan~

Dan grinned, and typed out a reply before Phil started worrying.

danisnotonfire : calm down, Phil, I was making breakfast :p

AmazingPhil : Oh good.

danisnotonfire : besides, I told you, I'm too socially awkward to keep up normal conversation.

AmazingPhil : That's what I'm here for :)

danisnotonfire : someone had to take up the challenge eventually.

AmazingPhil : I accept your challenge.

danisnotonfire : good luck ;)

AmazingPhil : I shall try my best~

danisnotonfire : I won't be offended if you decide to eventually stop talking to me, btw.

AmazingPhil : Are you serious???

danisnotonfire : ...yes?

AmazingPhil : Dan. The only time I wouldn't talk to you is where I genuinely wasn't allowed to use my phone.
We talked for so long last night, it's kinda like I know you already :) and from what you're saying, it sounds like you need a friend :D
The only thing I don't know about you is what you look like, tbh. You haven't set a profile picture yet.
I can see that you're reading these. Come on, answer me.

Dan stared at his phone in shock. Someone he had only talked to for about four hours in total, that he hadn't even met in real life seemed like he genuinely wanted to be his friend.
What kind of angel was Phil, anyway?

danisnotonfire : are you serious, Phil?

AmazingPhil : I am being totally serious, Dan. You're a really nice person and I really like you, and I really want to be your friend.
From what I can gather, it seems like you don't really have any close friends, and I want to be that friend for you :)
As cheesy as that may sound, it's true.
And I can't really scold you for thinking that cause I don't even know your full name.
Dan, please answer me.
Dan, trust me, please.

And the funny thing was, Dan did trust him. He'd never even met the guy, and he trusted him so much already.
Dan grinned, and went into his kik settings, choosing the least cringe-worthy photo of himself he had on his phone and setting it as his profile picture, before returning to the chat with Phil, who was still messaging him.

AmazingPhil : Dan.
I will spam you.
I have no problem with spamming you.
I am being totally serious right now.
Danny, please don't ignore me. I also hope you don't mind me calling you that.
I never go back on my word, Dan.

Dan hesitated for a second before replying.

danisnotonfire : Daniel Howell.
that's my full name.
I definitely prefer Dan over Daniel, though.

AmazingPhil : Yay, Danny's back~ also, that's a new one on me, I've never seen that last name before. I like it :D

danisnotonfire : thanks :)
your turn, too.

AmazingPhil : Phillip Lester, nice to meet you.
I prefer Phil, though. Only my grandma calls me Phillip anymore.

danisnotonfire : fair enough. I only get called Daniel when I'm in trouble.

AmazingPhil : Your picture looks nice, too :D
If I'm being perfectly honest, you're even more good-looking than I imagined :P
We have matching fringes~ XD

danisnotonfire : thanks. you're pretty good yourself ;p

AmazingPhil : Why thank you, Dan :)

danisnotonfire : You're very welcome, Phil.
Thank you too.

AmazingPhil : You're welcome ^.^

For the first time in his life, Dan felt like he had finally made a best friend.

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