Once Upon A Kik | Phan

Dan didn't know what the heck possessed him to download kik onto his phone that day - nor did he know that downloading that app would do so much more than take up space on his phone. | Book One in the "YOU HAVE A MESSAGE" series.


14. Juu-san

A/N: This story is on a roll.
Dedicated to @capntamiekio on Wattpad for being such an awesome IRL friend and Phangirl :D
I hope you enjoy ^~^


Dan's school day was... well, it was uneventful, to say the least. Typical Monday, nothing really exciting, he thought. Got called emo a few times, probably failed that test he forgot about, but he honestly didn't care. He just wanted to get back home to the internet.

To kik.

To Phil.

Dan noticably walked home from school faster than usual (an achievement, he couldn't wait to get out of that hell hole on a normal day) just so his phone could finally connect to the internet again.

He burst through his front door, knowing that he would be the only one home for a while, as his father was working and his mother and brother were going out to one of their friend's houses this afternoon. He went straight up to his room, pulling his phone out of his pocket as he went. It buzzed, catching up with notifications from Twitter, Tumblr and kik. Of course, he dismissed the first two and went straight into kik.

There were plenty of messages from the group chat to spare.

The Fantastic Foursome:
1 hour ago:
AmazingPhil : Dan I love you
I am so sorry

Dan immediately felt the heat rising into his face - even if it was Chris that sent that message, it didn't really change much about the fact that Dan's heart was now going at about a million miles an hour.

crabstickz: how dare you :O that was SO not me.

KickThePj: That's crap and you know it.

crabstickz: well, even if it was me, it's still true >.>
wait, Peej? why are you online during CLASS?????

AmazingPhil: I don't even know what to say anymore.

KickThePj: Chris, we are having a talk after school.

AmazingPhil: Yes, thank you.

crabstickz: oh fuck

KickThePj: As for why I'm online, I saw those first few messages and excused myself. I'm in the bathroom.

crabstickz: want me to join you? ;)

KickThePj: Chris, be serious. You can't go around doing stuff like that.
What are you, twelve?

crabstickz: yeah, pretty much
but I was going for slightly younger
9 or 10, maybe?

KickThePj: I am so sorry, Phil.

crabstickz: sorry, mate

KickThePj: Phil?

AmazingPhil has left the chat

By this time, Dan's eyes were wide and his mouth had dropped open slightly at all of those messages.

He saw that he also had separate messages from each of them. He decided to go into Chris's chat first, as it was the most recent.

13 minutes ago:
crabstickz: hey, mate, I'm really sorry about that whole thing in the group chat
I'm a bit of a nutter, and I just couldn't resist
I hope this didn't screw up you and Phil, cause that would suuuuuck baaaaaalllls...
but srsly, I have never seen him happier than when he talked about you today at school (yes he did that) oh my fucking god
so you better treat Philly right or I will cut you
but anyway, back to the original point: I'm really sorry if this screws you guys up in any way, because personally, I really like ya, Dan, and I know Phil does too, so if this has any long-term negative effect, hunt me down and shoot me
I'm rambling again, so I'm gonna go now...
talk later, Dan~

Dan didn't know how to answer any of those, because at this point he was wondering about what long-term effects it could have. He chucked his bag down in its usual place by the door and sat down on his bed to read the messages from PJ - he decided to leave Phil's messages until last.

50 minutes ago:
KickThePj: Hey Dan, I am so sorry about Chris. He really doesn't think about long-term effects before he does things, and that has gotten him into more than one round of trouble, believe me.
And I'm not in the class Phil and Chris had when that whole fiasco started, but I know Phil well enough to know that he wouldn't do something like that. That's definitely a Chris thing to do.
And I really hope this doesn't create any tension between you and Phil, because I definitely don't want that for Phil - he's always happy and barely anything changes that, and I really don't want this to.
So I hope you don't kill Chris, and I hope nothing happens between you and Phil :)

Dan smiled. PJ had a way with words that somehow made Dan feel a whole lot better about the situation.

Taking a deep breath, he went into Phil's chat.

42 minutes ago:
AmazingPhil: Oh my god I am so sorry, that was not me.
Chris stole my phone during class.
I am so so so sorry you have no idea.
I don't know what to say.
I'm just gonna go now.

That was all. Nothing more, nothing less. Dan was, in a way, disappointed, and his heart began the slow descent into his stomach.

He flopped backwards onto his bed, his phone slipping out of his hand. Closing his eyes with a sigh, he tried to slow his rapidly beating heart.

Even if Chris did write that message, it didn't really change anything. Dan still really liked Phil, and... he didn't really know what came next. He liked Phil. End of story.

Or was it?

Dan groaned and rolled into his side, for once making no move to save his phone that fell onto the floor. Who was he kidding? He was just some random stranger that Phil messaged late on a Saturday night. Dan was an antisocial loser that was looking for any excuse to hold up a conversation with a stranger that messaged him late on a Saturday night.

But he couldn't deny the immediate happy vibes he got from that first message from Phil. And talking to him for so long made him feel the happiest he'd felt in a long time.

He lay in silence for a while, trying to figure out exactly why Phil had bothered to keep talking to him. Why he'd bothered to introduce him to Chris and PJ, and why they'd bothered to keep talking to him.

He thought that he must have dozed off into a light sleep at some point, because he jerked awake in surprise when his phone rang out his notification sound.

He sighed, and rolled over and leant over to pick it up off the floor. Switching it on, he saw that it was about twenty minutes after he'd gotten home from school, proving the theory that he'd fallen asleep.

He wasn't too sure what to think when he saw the kik icon in the notification bar, but he unlocked it and went into it anyway.

He also wasn't sure what to think when he saw that it was a message from Phil.

AmazingPhil: Hey, Dan? You online?

He didn't answer for a few minutes as he thought about what to say. But it wasn't too long before Phil sent another message.

AmazingPhil: Dan?
I can see that you've read these.
If you're mad at... Someone because of earlier, I am really sorry.
You have no idea how embarrassed I am. Seriously.
Please talk to me, Dan.

That was the last one for a bit, and Dan finally plucked up the courage to reply.

danisnotonfire: sorry
I don't know what to say
but I'm here

He'd always be there.

AmazingPhil: Oh thank god.
I was actually really worried.
Please don't make me worry like that again.

danisnotonfire: I'm really sorry

AmazingPhil: Hey, it's okay :)
Are you mad?

danisnotonfire: tbh I dunno what I am

AmazingPhil: What do you mean?

danisnotonfire: I'm not mad, I'm just... eh. it's hard to explain
it's like I'm an emotionless husk at the moment, I suppose?
kinda... internally confused
I hope that makes some sort of sense.

AmazingPhil: I guess it does.
Sorry, I'm still a little annoyed at Chris :/

danisnotonfire: annoyed is a good word.

AmazingPhil: This got so awkward so fast.

danisnotonfire: moving on?

AmazingPhil: If you don't mind.

danisnotonfire: not at all (:

Dan was indeed a lying little shit and he knew it, because he figured that he would not be moving on from that anytime soon.

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