Once Upon A Kik | Phan

Dan didn't know what the heck possessed him to download kik onto his phone that day - nor did he know that downloading that app would do so much more than take up space on his phone. | Book One in the "YOU HAVE A MESSAGE" series.


18. Juu-Roku

A/N: Slightly shorter again, but oh well XD Hope you enjoy :D


Dan lay there on his bed for a while before he finally picked up his phone again to message Phil. When he opened up the chat, he imagined Phil sitting on the other side of the screen, doing whatever Phil did. Homework, maybe. Or maybe, like Dan, he was wistfully staring at his phone, wishing the other would message back.

Oh boy, Dan really needed to get a life.

Buy instead of doing that, he messaged Phil.

danisnotonfire: hey Phil, I'm back (:

Phil replied right away.

AmazingPhil: Hi! :D

danisnotonfire: What'd I miss? (:

And much to Dan's delight, it just flowed from there, like a stream in spring.

From there on, Dan seemed to fall into a pattern of life.

Wake up, talk to Phil, go to school, think about Phil, go home, procrastinate, talk to Phil, not do his homework, talk to Phil/Skype Phil and maybe Chris and PJ, sleep. Repeat.

He couldn't help it. Talking to this stranger online was the one ray of light in Dan's life. And Phil certainly kept his promise, and Dan was so grateful for that.

Honestly, it was the only thing getting him through school. He didn't have any close friends in real life (did Phil count yet, after all they'd Skyped?) so Phil was the only one.

Days passed. Then a week. Then two. And then this became his normal life. And he was perfectly happy with that. In fact, he was happier than he'd ever been.

His mother noticed his slowly rising happiness, too. Sure, he was about as interactive with the rest of his family as he'd ever been (which wasn't a lot), but he complained less about going to school, he would often be heard laughing in his bedroom, he'd just generally be happier.

His little brother probably noticed, too. Now the little guy would smile a lot more at Dan as he headed to school, and sometimes he would pop his head in and say hi to Phil if they were talking on Skype, and to Chris and PJ if they were there. Seeing his little brother happy made Dan happy, too.

He had a feeling that this was because Phil not only made him happier just by talking to him, but Phil encouraged him to be happier around his family, too. He'd encourage Dan to talk to them a little more.

Sure, his social skills needed a lot of work, but Dan finally felt like he was somehow improving, even if it was just a bit.

danisnotonfire: I'm still terrified to tell my Dad, though

AmazingPhil: These things take time, you know.

danisnotonfire: sure, like I'll ever be anything but a socially anxious git

crabstickz: don't be like that, Dannyboy, take. Leaf
fuck, I dropped my phone. it's too late at night for this shit.

KickThePj: I never thought I'd hear you say that.

crabstickz: *take a leaf out of Philly's book and be happy.
I know, but I had a long day. it's fucking Friday, gimme a break.

KickThePj: Break given.

AmazingPhil: It's the weekend, have a whole two day break! :D

danisnotonfire: that's noT LONG ENOUGH

crabstickz: I'm hearing ya, mate.

KickThePj: But Phil's right, Dan. These things can take a lot of time, depending on the individual. You tell your Dad whatever you want when you feel like you're ready.

AmazingPhil: How about your brother? How old is he again?

danisnotonfire: twelve

crabstickz: TWELVIE!!!!!

danisnotonfire: he's actually pretty mature for his age, and that's saying something. most boys his age are dickheads

crabstickz: I'm hearing ya, mate.

AmazingPhil: Maybe he's young enough that he'll have an open mind? :)

KickThePj: That's a good point.


KickThePj: You keep saying that.

danisnotonfire: welcome to the Fantastic Foursome, ft. Jealous!KickThePj!!!!

KickThePj: Shut up, you little shit.

crabstickz: don't worry, Peej, Philly here belongs to Dannyboy anyway~

KickThePj: Whatever you say.

crabstickz: love you, Peej~ <3

KickThePj: Love you too, Chris x

danisnotonfire: Adrian might get it, I'm not really sure.

crabstickz: *sudden subject change is sudden*

danisnotonfire: stfu or I'll stab you with a spork

crabstickz: *zips lips*

danisnotonfire: cheers

AmazingPhil: Brothers are awesome, I do have one of my own. Adrian will understand :)

crabstickz: *muffled sounds*

KickThePj: I beg your pardon?

crabstickz: *unzips lips*

danisnotonfire: ...

AmazingPhil: Guys, enough about stabbing people already!

KickThePj: Please stop.

crabstickz: if I laugh any harder I'm going to cry xD

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