Once Upon A Kik | Phan

Dan didn't know what the heck possessed him to download kik onto his phone that day - nor did he know that downloading that app would do so much more than take up space on his phone. | Book One in the "YOU HAVE A MESSAGE" series.


13. Juu-ni

A/N: YAY! Willow updates with a decent-sized chapter :D

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I had so much fun writing the chats in this chapter omg XD the typo that Dan makes was one I actually made while writing this on my phone, and I decided I had to keep it in XD
Also Chris is on fleek in this chapter, oml ^ω^
That's all :D

Dedicated to @switfy_called_jess on Wattpad, because their comments always make me laugh :D

I hope you enjoy~ :D


When Dan woke up on sunny Monday morning the first thing he did was groan - Monday meant school, school meant people, and that made Dan want to crawl into a hole.

School. Yaaaaayyy... he thought grimly, reaching over to get is phone off the bedside table to check the time.

He woke up on time, thank goodness - no need for rushing this morning. He sighed in relief. And then he saw the kik icon in his notifications bar. He unlocked his phone and tapped into it, smiling sleepily when he saw that it was a notification from Phil.

10 minutes ago:
AmazingPhil: Morning, sunshine~ :D

Dan's smile widened, but he couldn't help thinking that if anybody was to be called sunshine, it was Phil.

He quickly typed a message back.

danisnotonfire: good morning youdelf (:
even autocorrect couldn't help me with that one jesus christ
this is what I get for typing literally thirty seconds after I wake up
sorry, that was a complete fiasco

His face going red from embarrassment, Dan quickly put his phone down and got out of bed to start getting ready.

He'd managed to straighten his hair free of the curls he hated so much and get his school uniform on, save the tie (he really couldn't be bothered with that yet), when his phone buzzed again. He picked it up and, seeing the kik notification, grinned as he unlocked it.

AmazingPhil: Omg I laughed out loud and my mum looked at me weirdly and then I had to explain why, oh my god Dan XD

Dan blushed again.

danisnotonfire: really, Phil, really?

AmazingPhil: Please don't be mad, but that was hilarious :P XD

danisnotonfire: nah, I'm not mad. it's not like I CAN be mad at you.
anyway, morning (:

Why did I type that why did I type that for fuck's sake Dan Howell-

AmazingPhil: Morning :D sleep well?

Oh thank god.

danisnotonfire: I did, actually, thank you (: hbu?

AmazingPhil: I'm ashamed of the five seconds it took me to remember what 'hbu' stood for. It is WAY too early in the morning.

danisnotonfire: hahahahaha, heard that XD

AmazingPhil: And I did too, thanks :D
Ready for school?

danisnotonfire: fuck no, never. can I seriously never go back to that place again please

AmazingPhil: Come on, Dan, education is important!

danisnotonfire: when am I EVER going to use trigonometry in real life?
I don't even know what I want to DO with my life, and I'm in year 11 already jesus

AmazingPhil: Well, I've heard that you shouldn't make any big decisions before you're 21 :)

danisnotonfire: try telling that to the education system

AmazingPhil: I know the feeling :/ I'm in year 12 and I'm not entirely sure either. They're telling me I have to go to college next year.

danisnotonfire: ahahahhahaha hahhaha hhahaha
fuck that, I'm gonna live off benefits until I get my shit together and decide what I want to do

AmazingPhil: Well, what are you interested in?

danisnotonfire: video games, tbh. not much. I'm the most boring human being on the planet.

AmazingPhil: Oh shut up and stop saying things like that, will you?

danisnotonfire: not any time in the next fifty years, probably

AmazingPhil: Dan. -_-

danisnotonfire: Phil?

Dan. Phil. Dan and Phil.

For some reason, he really liked the sound of that.

AmazingPhil: Ah, forget it. ^-^

danisnotonfire: if you say so?

AmazingPhil: I've gotta go have breakfast, I'll message you in a bit :D

And right on cue, "Dan!" He smiled despite himself.

danisnotonfire: me too, actually. talk soon :)

Dan locked his phone again and put it in his pocket and trekked downstairs to the kitchen. He was greeted with the sight of his father reading the newspaper at the table with buttered toast in front of him, his little brother watching TV in the lounge, and his mother turning and smiling at him as he entered.

"Morning, Dan!" she said cheerfully. "I made a hot chocolate for you! It's still hot, so be careful."

Dan accepted it with a smile. "Thank you," he replied, taking a sip. Ann always knew how to make hot chocolate just how he liked it, marshmallows and all.

He wondered if Phil drank hot chocolate, or if he preferred tea or coffee.

"Chicken sandwiches for lunch, too," his mother continued. "Last night's leftovers. There was just enough."


"No worries."

"Good morning Dan," Robert greeted through a mouthful of toast, looking at him over the top of his newspaper. "Sleep well?"

Dan nodded and his father resumed reading. Of course he did - he felt like he had a guardian angel watching over him from... wherever he lived.

He got out the necessary utensils to make cereal and sat down at the table to eat.

Ann came over to sit beside him. "How's Phil?" she asked quietly, and Dan wasn't sure if his father had heard her or not.

"He's good," Dan replied just as quietly.

"I'm assuming you talked to him until you fell asleep last night?" Anne continued, raising an eyebrow and smirking slightly.

Dan glared at her, feeling heat rushing to his face. He decided not to answer that.

But Ann just kept that look on her face until Dan finally sighed and gave in. "Yeah, shut up."

Ann's smile widened and the other eyebrow went up, but she kept a dignified silence as Dan continued eating.

He quickly finished and put his bowl on the sink. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket as he went back upstairs to his room to pack his bag. He took his phone out, somehow knowing that it was kik - but it wasn't Phil.

Group chat with AmazingPhil, crabstickz, KickThePj.

crabstickz changed chat name: The Fantastic Foursome


Dan giggled.

danisnotonfire: morning. it appears those drowsy pills wore off.

crabstickz: yeah, thank fuck. took waaaaaaaay too fucking long.
I've literally spent the last half hour walking around like a zombie.

KickThePj: Damn, he's awake.

crabstickz: oI m9, you wanna go?

KickThePj: Love you too, Chris...

crabstickz: awww <3

AmazingPhil: Good morning, everyone~

KickThePj: Morning :)


Well, Chris certainly had the guts to call Phil sunshine. Dan had the feeling that it was going to take a little bit longer.

Oh, who was he kidding. It was going to take him forever.

KickThePj: Also, Chris?

AmazingPhil: Ummm, Chris?

danisnotonfire: hey Chris?

Peej first.

AmazingPhil: BIAS

danisnotonfire: so Mich bias rn

crabstickz: yep. deal ^-^

KickThePj: "The Fantastic Foursome"? Really, Chris?

AmazingPhil: Actually, that was my question too.

danisnotonfire: same lol

crabstickz: what of it? it has a nice ring to it.
;) ;) ;)

danisnotonfire: oh good god

crabstickz: lololololololol

KickThePj: I'm gonna go to school before this chat gets out of hand. Chris, Phil, see you there!
Talk after school, Dan? :)

danisnotonfire: sure! seeya (:

crabstickz: cya at school, breh, cuz I gotta go too :3

AmazingPhil: See you guys soon!

danisnotonfire: seeya (:

A new notification popped up for Dan's private chat with Phil, and he went into it.

AmazingPhil: I should head off too :/

danisnotonfire: why :/?

Phil didn't type back for a while, making Dan start to worry. What was going through Phil's head at the moment?

Finally, after what seemed like years to Dan, the three dots that showed Phil was typing popped up onto the screen.

AmazingPhil: Well, it's hard to explain...
Oh, screw it.
I'm going to miss talking to you, I suppose.

Dan could already feel his face going red, and for some reason he wanted to cry.

danisnotonfire: me too, Phil.

AmazingPhil: Really?

danisnotonfire: of course!
tbh, talking to you has been the most fun I've ever had.

AmazingPhil: Me too, Dan :)
Well, I'm going to go.
I'll talk to you after school? :)

danisnotonfire: absolutely (:

AmazingPhil: Awesome!
Seeya :D

danisnotonfire: seeya (:

As Dan locked his phone abd put it in his pocket, he felt happy. Happy that he'd finally have something worthwhile to return to when he got home from school.

But that happiness had long threatened to fade by the time he'd packed his bag, kissed his mother on the cheek, ruffled his little brother's hair and said goodbye to his father. As he stepped out the door, he felt the existential crisis coming.

For the first time ever, though, those thoughts were beaten down by his guardian angel with stunningly blue eyes.

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