Once Upon A Kik | Phan

Dan didn't know what the heck possessed him to download kik onto his phone that day - nor did he know that downloading that app would do so much more than take up space on his phone. | Book One in the "YOU HAVE A MESSAGE" series.


21. Juu-hachi

A/N: Sorry, this chapter's a bit all over the place because I suddenly thought of some extra chapters (from other people's points of view) that I might put in at the very end of this story when it all comes to a close :)

Oh god I don't want to think about that yet I'm not ready ;-;

I also want to take the time to acknowledge the horror that happened in Orlando not long ago. If any of you live in or near Orlando, know what my thoughts and prayers are with you guys <3 and, of course, with everyone here that is part of the LGBT+ community. I'm gay myself, and recently I'm more terrified of coming out than ever before, because I now know that people have the capacity and the means to do these awful things.

But I release this chapter of a book with a cutesie gay couple because it makes me feel better, and I hope it makes you feel better too <3

*hands you a rainbow wristband* I hope you wear this virtual rainbow wristband with pride :)

And I hope you enjoy the chapter! :D

(PS: I know nothing about English geography other than the quick five-minute Googling I did, and then I made up the ticket price according to Australian train ticket prices so I'm sorry if I screwed up XD)


Needless to say, it was way too early in the week.

AmazingPhil: Hold up a sec, Chris, we need to sort out a place and time.
Wait, where does Dan even live???

crabstickz: that is a bloody good point

danisnotonfire: didn't even think of that one, did you Chris?

crabstickz: #spud

KickThePj : So whereabouts are you, anyway, Dan?

danisnotonfire: Reading

KickThePj: Wow.

crabstickz: are you fucking kidding me
it will take you nearly three and a half hours to get here

AmazingPhil: The three of us live in Manchester :/

danisnotonfire: are you fucking kidding me
it will take me nearly three and a half hours to get there

crabstickz: STOP COPYING ME

KickThePj: That is a long time by tube, at least.

AmazingPhil: I've done it once before, I think my parents took me there when I was a kid.
Maybe I even saw you :D

danisnotonfire: doubt it, I used to live in Berkshire

KickThePj: Nice.

crabstickz: AWW

danisnotonfire: shut. the. fuck. up.

crabstickz: you even have the accent to match!!

danisnotonfire: SHUT UP

AmazingPhil: I just looked up tube times, and it might cost a fair bit to get from there to here and back, depending on which train you take.

danisnotonfire: oh fuck

crabstickz: NEVER FEAR

KickThePj: Agreed!

danisnotonfire: oh boy

AmazingPhil: Don't worry, we'll work something out in the end :)

danisnotonfire: I know (:

crabstickz: *fanboying in the background*

KickThePj: We'd also have to leave pretty early in the morning, too, if we want to get somewhere at a civilised hour.

danisnotonfire: so who's going where, exactly? I'm confused

crabstickz: Danny is confuzzled

KickThePj: I figured that your parents probably wouldn't like you, a single person, going three hours away to meet three strange people you met online, so I thought it would be better for us to go there first.

Dan thought about that. PJ had a very good point. His father would just flat out refuse and his mother, however much she may seem to like the three boys, would probably still be against the idea of one person going to three.

AmazingPhil: Good thinking.

crabstickz: that makes sense.
our conversations aren't meant to make sense.

danisnotonfire: that's a good point though

KickThePj: If it makes them feel any better, one of your parents can be in the background if you like.
We can meet up at a cafe or something, and they can sit close by if they want to.

danisnotonfire: you kidding me, my mum will definitely want to come
she actually really likes you lot

AmazingPhil: Yay~

crabstickz: we are pretty awesome guys

KickThePj: Chris is awesome and hot, so there's that

crabstickz: you smooth motherfucker
but yes, you're right

KickThePj: I love you too

crabstickz: ;) I know you do <3

danisnotonfire: you guys are the kind of couple that Tumblr fangirls ship

AmazingPhil: Too true.

crabstickz: *wipes tear* that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said about me

KickThePj: Hey!

crabstickz: oh shit

danisnotonfire: Dying!Chris is now officially Dead!Chris

crabstickz: you're probably right

AmazingPhil: No, he's definitely right.

crabstickz: the nicest thing anyone's ever said about US***
is that better? ;-;

KickThePj: Yes. Yes it is.

crabstickz: phew...
(I'm actually at Peej's rn and he was silently glaring daggers at me for about ten seconds and it was scary shit)

KickThePj: I'm watching you, Chris.

crabstickz: I know you are ;);););););)

KickThePj: ...

danisnotonfire: PJ is so done rn

AmazingPhil: Yup
This conversation has gotten way off track, can we get back to it please?

crabstickz: yes pls

danisnotonfire: fine by me

KickThePj: Sounds good.

AmazingPhil: Can we Skype please? It's going to be a little easier that way.

KickThePj: Sure, let me get my laptop.

danisnotonfire: same

Dan rolled off his bed and went to grab his laptop, opening it and powering it on as he say back down on the bed. He could not see the appeal of sitting in a desk chair at the moment.

With a few slow minutes of the laptop booting up and swearing at the ever-updating Skype, they were finally talking through crappy microphones and grainy webcams. They were all sitting on their beds, Phil on his brightly-coloured duvet, and Chris and PJ in the same light-blue place with Chris adorably leaning his head on PJ's shoulder, and PJ's arm was resting on his shoulder and his fingers gently stroking through Chris's hair.

"I can't believe it's going to take nearly three and a half hours," Chris complained.

"It'll be worth it, though, right?" PJ reassured him, squeezing his shoulder.

"Sure will," Phil chimed in with a grin bright enough to rival suns.

Okay, Dan, that's enough of that, Dan thought firmly. No. Now is not the time.

Dan just smiled and nodded - the others knew he didn't talk when not necessary.

Phil's bright blue eyes were staring at his laptop screen, and Dan heard the faint inconsistent tapping of keys. It looked like he was just scrolling down a page.

"What's the news, Philly?" Chris asked.

"It'll cost about twenty pounds each way per person," Phil said. "I guess that's not too bad." PJ nodded thoughtfully.

"At least I'm not broke anymore," Chris mumbled.

Dan laughed. "I guess Mum and I are buying lunch, then," he said.

"Guess so," Chris agreed. PJ whacked him upside the head. "Oww," Chris whined, turning his head to glare st his calm-faved boyfriend. "What was that for?" he demanded.

"Don't be rude," PJ scolded.

"It's okay, really," Dan insisted. "We'll shout lunch, we can't expect you guys to."

"Thank you, Dan," Phil said with a kind smile, and Dan's heart stuttered in his chest.

He faintly registered Chris raise an eyebrow, a smug look on his face.

"No worries," Dan replied.

A thought flitted into his brain - this weekend, he'd be able to see Phil, to really see him. He'd be able to see that amazing black hair, that beautiful bright smile, and those gorgeous blue eyes.

The end of the week couldn't possibly come fast enough.

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