Once Upon A Kik | Phan

Dan didn't know what the heck possessed him to download kik onto his phone that day - nor did he know that downloading that app would do so much more than take up space on his phone. | Book One in the "YOU HAVE A MESSAGE" series.


1. Ichi

A/N: Sup!
Welcome to my first Phanfiction! Seriously, this is the first one I ever wrote. Yup. And I'm posting it here from my Wattpad cause why not :D

This is dedicated to the lovely melodysplash (Wattpad) for being such a nice person, even when I'm the most socially awkward person to waltz the internet.
And because this was inspired by her story "Text Me Back", which is AWESOME.

I hope you enjoy~ ^ω^


Dan didn't know what the heck possessed him to download kik onto his phone. Maybe it was because he found it easier to talk to people online - he actually hated human interaction, and he didn't really have any friends.

Which was just sad, good god. Dan Howell, he told himself, get a fucking life.

But as the app installed, he figured that he didn't have much to lose at this point. He would either make a couple of decent friends, or he would just have another app taking up gigabytes on his phone.

So, whatever, really.

He signed in with his regular username, danisnotonfire, and started exploring.

Oh god, he thought to himself. You actually had to search people up and initiate conversation.



Dan wasn't a very social person - scratch that, he was the most socially awkward person you could possibly meet. Ever. So initiating conversation wasn't exactly his forte.

So it scared the shit out of him when his phone buzzed twice, indicating that he had two new mesagges, and his heart rate picked up for some reason. Only to be disappointed when he saw it was a kik AI and something called Num Nums, which appeared to be a type of virtual pet.

Out of pure boredom, Dan went into the Num Nums game and started playing around. He fed his little creature, and found that you can send it to other people to interact with.

He tapped on this option, and chose a random person to send his pet to.

After about thirty seconds of figuring out that you can only do one thing, he exited the game and closed the app, sighing.

Well, that was a waste, wasn't it?


It was about eleven o'clock on that boring Saturday evening, and Dan, having ignored his mother's nagging to go to sleep, was aimlessly browsing Tumblr and eating Maltesers, trying not to melt in the heat.

He shipped Dantesers so much.

His phone buzzed a couple of times, and he saw the kik symbol pop up in the notifications bar. He opened it, and saw that he had a message from someone new. Their profile picture was blurred, and there were two options down the bottom: chat and ignore. The message said:

AmazingPhil : Hey :) you happen to be online?

Dan raised his eyebrows, but clicked 'chat', because, why not?

The profile picture was instantly cleared up, and Dan tapped on it to get a better look. And his immediate thought was that this boy was gorgeous.

Black hair with a side fringe, not unlike Dan himself (although his hair was brown), startingly blue eyes and pale skin. He could go swimming in those eyes.

He decided to reply.

danisnotonfire : yep. sup?

The reply came almost immediately.

AmazingPhil : Awesome! My name's Phil, by the way. Nice to meet you~ :D

danisnotonfire : hi, my name's Dan. Nice to meet you too :)

AmazingPhil : How are you today?

danisnotonfire : pretty good, same as every night. trying not to melt, though.

AmazingPhil : Boiling for you too?

danisnotonfire : yep. damn UK weather.

AmazingPhil : You're in the UK too?? Awesome!!! :D

Dan couldn't help but grin.

danisnotonfire : are you always this hyper around new people?

AmazingPhil : Yep ^.^
Am I being too annoying??
Oh god, I hope not.
I am so sorry, please tell me to be quiet at any stage.

danisnotonfire : calm down, it's okay. I'm socially awkward enough for the both of us :p

AmazingPhil : Phew :P

danisnotonfire : I am also terrible at keeping up conversation, so I apologise in advance.

AmazingPhil : No worries! You seem cool anyway, so if you don't reply I'll keep messaging you anyway~

danisnotonfire : haha, fair enough. that'll probably work.

AmazingPhil : Awesome :D
So what are you up to?

danisnotonfire : tumblr and maltesers. you?

AmazingPhil : Studying, Muse and talking to you ^ω^

For a moment, Dan couldn't believe it. He had struck up conversation with a complete stranger, who actually seemed like he wanted to talk to him. Wow. Wow.

He didn't realise that he hadn't replied until his phone vibrated again.

AmazingPhil : Dan? I will keep ny word.

danisnotonfire : sorry, I'm just contemplating life. What are you studying for?

AmazingPhil : Why contemplate life when you can live it? Also, high school lit stuff. I have an exam in a couple of weeks.

danisnotonfire : (cause I don't have a life outside the internet) How old are you?

AmazingPhil : Well said, the internet is amazing. And I'm 18. You?

danisnotonfire : I would literally have no life without the internet. And I'm 17.

AmazingPhil : Without the internet we wouldn't be talking, would we?
And that's awesome :D you're a year below me, I thought we were the same age XD

danisnotonfire : true. and honestly, I thought you were about my age too :p

AmazingPhil : Ah well ^~^

danisnotonfire : I just remembered that you mentioned Muse earlier.

AmazingPhil : Yep, I love Muse! :D

danisnotonfire : asdfghjkl FINALLY

And the conversation continued from there, Tumblr forgotten. Dan and Phil talked for ages, and Dan didn't even bother to look at the time until he finally yawned.

danisnotonfire : omg

AmazingPhil : What??

danisnotonfire : Phil. it's nearly 3am.

AmazingPhil : HOLY COW you're right!! That went quickly :P

danisnotonfire : where oh where did the time go?

AmazingPhil : The past.

danisnotonfire : stfu.

AmazingPhil : Dan! Don't swear! :c

danisnotonfire : ;)

AmazingPhil : I should probably sleep, I'm going out with a couple of friends tomorrow afternoon.
Well, this afternoon, technically.

danisnotonfire : ok :c

AmazingPhil : Sorry!

danisnotonfire : nah, I should probably sleep too.
Thanks, though.

AmazingPhil : For what? :)

danisnotonfire : for actually talking to me.

AmazingPhil : What does that mean? :/

danisnotonfire : I've never really had a best friend before.

AmazingPhil : Aww!
But we're friends, right?
Can we be?
Please? ^ω^

danisnotonfire : sure, why not?

AmazingPhil : YAY
You seem like a really nice person, Dan :) did you have fun tonight?

danisnotonfire : this was the most fun I've ever had.

AmazingPhil : Awesome! Same here :D
Now, I really have to sleep, I can barely keep my eyes open.
Talk later? :)

danisnotonfire : that would be awesome :)

AmazingPhil : It would. Goodnight Dan~ ^-^

danisnotonfire : night Phil :)

Dan locked his phone and put it on his bedside table, a grin plastered on his face. He put his laptop and Maltesers away (after eating one last chocolate) and rolled over on his bed. Even if it was someone he would likely never meet, and the conversation would probably die out quickly, knowing Dan's luck. But he felt that maybe he had finally found someone who shares his obsession with Tumblr, anime and Muse.

Soon enough, he fell asleep, still smiling. Needless to say, brilliant blue eyes filled his dreams that night.

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