101 things OCD sufferers hate hearing

Hopefully you can better understand after reading these : )


1. 101 list

1. "Don't worry about it"                   - Thanks, I wish I didn't have to
2. "Get over it"                                  - Wish I could
3. "Calm down"                                 - I'd love to
4. "I understand"                               - My mind is hard to grasp
5. "I know how you feel"                   - That's hard to believe
6. "Stop doing that"                          - Wish I could
7. "Is that because of your OCD?"     - Probably, who knows
8. "Wait OCD is a mental disorder?"  - Yeah, what does that matter?
9. "Are you crazy than?"                     - If thinking is crazy, than we all are
10. "Do you take medication?"          - No, I don't, but that's a personal question
11. "Why not?"                                  - I can manage 
12. "It's physiological?"                     - Again, why does that matter?
13. "Why are you repeating yourself?" - OCD remember?
14. "So are you obsessed with cleaning?" - Nope
15. "You're not? So what are you obsessed with?" - Hard to explain
16. "Are you a neat freak?"                      - No!
17. "I'm clean too"                                   - That's good
18. "You're not obsessed with germs?"    - Nope!
19. "Do you have to have everything organized?"  - Not really 
20. "What happens if it's not?"                     - Whatever my mind wants
21. "Would you flip out if _______"                - Don't try it
22. "I think I have OCD because _______"      - I hope you don't
23. "I thought it was just cleaning obsessions"  - It's so much more
24. "What's a compulsion?"                               -  "An irresistible urge to behave in a certain way"
25. "Why can't you stop doing them?"              -  I really don't know
26. "Just ignore your thoughts"                          - I wish I could
27. "Why are you guilty for that?"                     - Ask my subconscious 
28. "You're just convincing yourself"                 - I know, but it's hard to believe that
29. "Forget about it"                                          - I'm trying
30. "Yes, for the hundredth time, you're fine!"   - I'm sorry, I can't be sure
31. "Why do you need reassurance?"                 - Because I'm doubting myself
32. "Don't be hard on yourself"                         - I wish I wasn't
33. "Will it annoy you if ______"                          - I don't know
34. "Do you go to therapy?"                              - Nope, that's also personal
35. "How bad is your condition?"                      - I don't know how to rate it!
36. "Oh, it's a disorder?"                                    - Pretty much
37. Is it bothering you these dashes (-) to the right aren't lined up?" - Honestly yes
38. "Do you check things a lot?"                       - Nope
39. "I thought OCD people did"                       - Not one person is the same
40. "Do you have anxiety?"                              - Well, it's an anxiety disorder so....
41. "What does your doctor do for you?"       - I don't see a therapist, again that's personal
42. "Can you _____?"                                        - My obsessions aren't a physical disability
43. "What do you feel like when ____"            - You won't get it
44. "What are your obsessions?"                    - It'll confuse you
45. "What are your compulsions?"                 - Behaviors
46. "Does this affect your life?"                      - It affects my mind, my mind is my life
47. "Do you clean a lot?"                               - Not at all
48. "Do you believe in _____"                         - Just because of this disorder doesn't change my beliefs
49. "Is the number 13 bad?"                         - Not for me, depends who you ask
50. "Do you have any rituals?"                     - Those are the same as compulsions
51. "Why do you do that?"                          - I really don't know
52. "So don't do it"                                     - That's hard for me
53. "Have you overcame some rituals?"    - For the most part, pretty much
54. "Does _____ affect your OCD?"            - Depends what they ask
55. "Do you want to ___ or will it affect you?" - I'm fine
56. "I can help you"                                   - I appreciate the offer, but I doubt it
57. "Just talk to a doctor"                         - Thanks for the opinion
58. "My ___ knows a good doctor"          - Everyone's different
59. "I know a person that had OCD"       - Tell them I wish them luck
60. "Is it contagious?"                             - No, I hope stupidity isn't either
61. "Is it a sickness?"                              - Nope
62. "Will you have it forever?"               - How do I know?
63. "Can it be cured?"                           - Nothing can be cured, only managed
64. "What other symptoms are there?" - Depends for everyone
65. "Do you worry about ___?"              - Everyday isn't a worry
66. "Do you have social anxiety?"         - No, these are different things
67. "Do you ever feel crazy?"                - Hm.......
68. "Why affects you most?"                - I'm not sure
69. "How common is it?"                     - Very 
70. "Do you count a lot?"                    - Nope
71. "What does OCD feel like?"          - I can't even begin to explain. You need a full conversation with me!
72. "When did yours start?"               - Hard to call, I'm not exactly sure
73. "What was your first obsession?" - I'm not exactly sure, nor do I....
74. "Is it hard to live with?"                - Sometimes
75. "Do you have bad/good days?"  - They change
76. "Are you depressed?"                 - Everyone is at times, but I'm not usually
77. "Do you have any other disorders?" - I wouldn't know
78. "How many obsessions do you have?" - Depends what you consider "obsessive"
79. "Can you spread OCD?"                       - It's genetically capable I think, I think it's inherited?!
80. "Does it affect your sleep?"                 - Not really
81. "How hard is it to deal with?"            - Again, full conversation
82. "Does it annoy you when you're asked about it?" - No
83. "Does it annoy you when people judge?"             - Of course
84. "Do you tell people about it?"                              - Depends who they are
85. "How do they react?"                                           - Some very positive, some different
86. "Is it embarrassing?"                                          - Not unless someone can read my mind
87. "How much longer can you stand this uneven list?" - Not sure
88. "Do you wash your hands a lot?"                        - Not obsessively, I hope we all wash a lot!
89. "Will you overcome this?"                                  - I hope
90. "Are there things to help you?"                        - If I'mm busy and not thinking of them
91. "Do people understand?"                                - Some do, but I don't think OCD is fully explainable 
92. "Is it noticeable?"                                            - I hope not
93. "Do you know someone else with OCD?"      - Everyone probably does
94. "What's the worst part about OCD?"             - The doubt
95. "Second worst thing?"                                   - The urge
96. "Does your OCD ruin your life?"                    - No
97. Does your OCD make you sad?"                  - Sometimes
98. "Are you okay?"                                           - Mostly yes
99. "Is it normal to have OCD?"                       - Yes
100. "Are you stronger than your OCD?"       - I believe I can be, and I believe I am
101. "If you could say one thing to your OCD, what would it be?"  - Dear OCD: You are a liar and a bully. Please don't make anyone your victim, please move on and get a life. I will stand up to you, I will beat you. You are nothing more than a little quirk. I will defeat you.

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