Waste the Night

Sam was reeling in her new environment and absolutely loving her new job as a publishing illustrator. The move from the US to Australia was a tough decision, but as things fell into place Sam couldn't help but to think how perfect everything was coming along, that is until a certain night of fate would be sure to change everything.


2. Red Hair

"Leave her go." The red haired boy speaks.
"Come on, Mikey. You are no fun anymore." My invader spats, before turning back to me. "She looks like a business stiff anyway." Another boy says.

This one doesn't look as rough but still has the tough boy persona donning a pierced lip and tattered SnapBack hat. I nervously chew my lip wishing and praying the bartender takes my money soon.
"So, are you new around here?" The tan complexion lad speaks again.
"Uh, I guess you could say that." I respond quietly.
He raises his eyebrows looking over my shoulder.
"Sam." I hear Harry's voice ring. "Are you ok?"
"Nothing going on here, Styles. Just a friendly conversation." The boy zips.
"There is nothing friendly about you, Calum."
He shrugs. "That's your opinion." He continues taking his drink and moving back to his lads.

I look over at the group, mindlessly listening to the tender thank me for my generous tip. We finally leave the bar, parting ways as Harry walks me to the bus station.

"Do me a favor." He says cautiously. "Stay clear of those punks."
I smile. "Thanks Harry. I sort of figured with the way you were all acting."
He shares a smile, nodding his head. "Have a good night."
"You too."

I wait a few minutes before a bus finally arrives at my stop. Few people litter the seats as I have primo picking. I watch the city lights blur by me leaving me feel a bit home sick. The skyline reminds me of home but I know it's not. At least, not right now.

Tuesday morning rolls around and the rigors of this new job hits me head on. I work right though my lunch break, erasing and sketching the same thing 100 times over.

"Don't forget to eat!" Jess chirps buzzing by the door.

I sigh loudly, pulling slightly at my hair. I couldn't sleep well last night for the image of that red haired boy was etched in my mind. The day ends and I leave the firm without hearing much from anymore. The week drags on but I finish the project and am alas victorious on Saturday.

"Ok, missy. We close up shop early Saturday's." Tris waltz in.
"How is it that Harry and Jess get off on Saturdays?" I groan.
"Because they are seniors." She sighs sitting down. "So tonight. We are going out and you are coming."
I smile. "I actually could use a night out."
"Good." She peps, standing up. "Meet us at Stan's at 7:30. It is a block down from the bar we were at Monday night." I jot down the information and put it in my pocket.
"Got it."
"Great." Tris smile. "See you later."

I give her a wave before rounding up my stuff. I catch the bus home and change into more appropriate clothes for a bar and grille. I head back out to the bus stop catching the same driver as he makes courtesy stop right in front of the restaurant. I'm a bit early so I decide to head in and distract myself with a early drink.

"Hey, are you always early?" Louis harasses.
"The bus driver dropped me off at the door."
"Wow, they are usually pretty stingy." He sasses. "Must be your looks."
I laugh. "Bite your tongue."

Louis laughs along as well, pulling a cigarette from his pack. I watch as he lights it up persistently, taking his first drag.

"Is Harry coming?"
Louis shrugs. "Not sure, Tris just mentioned something to me at work and look, late as usual."

I take another sip of my drink spotting bright red hair in the back by the grills. I quickly turn my gaze back to Louis who seems to be complimenting me on my looks. Tris and Harry join us shortly after as we take in a table rather than sticking at the bar. We order food, more drinks and chalk up tons of conversations and laughs. Throughout the course of the night, I missed when three fourths of the goon squad showed up. I ignore their stares and tune back into a crazy story Harry is telling. Tris and Louis leave Harry and I a chip before heading home. Another thirty minutes and Harry looks anxious to leave.

"If I drink anymore, you maybe carrying me home." He jokes standing up.
"I agree." I smile. "I'm going to finish up this drink then head out."
"Alright." He smiles." Be careful, yeah?"
"I will." I assure before watching him walk a way with a wave. "Catch ya Monday."

I start to clean up the table before the empty chairs before me are occupied with the four Australian 'Rebels'.

"We meet again." The tan complexion boy speaks. If I remember correctly, I believe his name is Calum but I don't push my luck.
"Hate to disappoint you but I was just leaving." I inform, grabbing my purse.
"Aw, come on business stiff. Hang with us awhile." Lip piercing speaks.

I roll my eyes and decide to milk the drink I have left.

"So." Calum starts. "Where are you from?"
"The United States."
"No shit, I mean where?" He continues.
"The east coast. Real nice this time of year."
"Isn't it all cold and snowy?" Blonde comments.
"Yes." I nod. "I was being sarcastic."

He makes a face, sitting back in his chair. Calum and the other boys laugh at his expense receiving sharp glares.

"Well since these dolts won't properly introduce themselves. I'm Ashton." The shaggy haired boy smiles. "And that's Calum, Luke, and Michael." He points.

They all seem nice enough.

"Sam." I nod.
"As in Samantha?" Michael finally talks.

I watch as he rests his elbows onto the table, turning his hat backwards. Calum sighs loudly, breaking my concentration.

"Well, this is boring. Come on lads, let's go to the lanes." The boys all nod and exit the table. They don't even wave goodbye making the departure a bit awkward.

"Okay." I mumble to myself grabbing my stuff for a second time. I head out of the bar and grille and start towards the designated bus stop. Michael again is blinding my mind as I nearly miss my bus. A short ride home is all that separates me from my empty apartment. I decide that tomorrow I will venture into the city for some furniture and in hopes to erase him from my mind.

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