Tide of Change (script)

Alex Rickman is a fearless individual, welling to risk everything. In the face of the Constancy Squad he is a danger. Will Alex roll the Tide of Change before he has to pay?


1. Night One



POV- Alex, the camera is fussy and Alex is breathing in pain. The cell door stands open.

A shaky bloody hand appears in view.

O.S- approaching footsteps.

Camera fade to black.





Camera is close on a young male with the sunset behind him. It begins to move in a slow circle around him. At the same time it pulls away.


Alex V.O.- In this life if one wants to reach goals. One ought not be afraid.


As the shot of the male gets wider. We see ear buds in both ears, in his hands is a N-Strike Retalitor Nerf gun. He sets the gun down and begins to dance. The dancing is nothing spectacle as it is him just expressing himself in another way.




Arizona O.S.- that him? You can't be serious?

Side view of Carl, who sits watching Alex dance with sunglasses on.

Carl- That's him, Alex Rickman. He can do all.

Arizona looks to him in astonishment.

Arizona- You say that as our orders are to capture him?

Carl- See right now he is under protection. The town loves him. Went his is away from that stage, he is ready for war.

Camera trains on Alex for a moment.

Arizona- Why would he?

Carl- This world is not kind to him type. See he was born a female, Ashton Rickman. As well with his fearlessness in dancing and carrying a Nerf gun.

Arizona looks at Carl with confusion.

Carl (shaking his head)- He, by doing this, being who his is a slap in the face to the Constancy Squad. Christ, Ari, you need to get your head in the game!



Alex finishes his current dance and goes to his gun. As he picks it up, he stares directly at the black escalate across the street.

Alex (to himself)- You guys are too late

Alex runs of to the right.

Fate to black.



Alex sits down at his computer with a salad. Powering up the computer. He takes a bit and flips on the lamp.

On the computer he opens up internet then a page by the name of Tide of Change. Taking another bit of salad he clicks on the voice chat. There are seventy on voice chat, clicking on it allows his speakers to spill out the voices.

Voice One O.S.- Did Alex just enter the chat?

Alex- That I did. How are all of you to night?

Many people talk at once.

Alex- Whoa, hey, I need to ask a serious question. If the answer is yes, type it in text chat. Okay?

A chant of 'yes' and 'okay' come over the speakers.

Alex- How many of you are being watched by the Constancy Squad?

Alex watches the text box, which remains empty for several minutes. The five names appear in the box answering yes.

Voice Two O.S.- Are they watching you?

Alex- Yes, you five who answer yes as well as all of you. The numbers of this site have reached higher then I ever would have thought. We all are rebels and we all ready to cause the first ripple in this wave?

There is another chorus of 'yes'

Alex- Okay, from teams with members in your area and post a video with the collected members, our cause and something that makes you stand out from the crowd. Make sure to hide your face and if necessary use a voice disguise. It is time to tell the world that we are different.

Voice Three O.S.- What are we to do if captured?

Alex nearly chokes on his food at the question.

Alex (clears his throat)- Sell me out.

Silence fell over the speakers, even the text chat is still. The silence lingered for moments.

Alex (curiously)- Is that so hard to swallow?

Voice Four (flabbergast)- You fucking bet it is. Why would sell out our leader, just to safe our own skin? I don't find it right.

Alex- I have never said that I was the leader. The choice is yours. I just built a place for us to gather and I suggested to revolution to empower each individual to reach. I will take the blame but I don't want the glory.

A few of them pick up on the previous chatting before the pause. For the most part there was stillness, everyone is still there just not talking.

Cut to next scene.

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