It All Seemed So Simple (Papyton Fanfic)

This is NOT a sequel to my other fanfic, I just really like Papyton and I had an idea. I did kinda get most of this from a roleplay I did so if you were part of it I am ItMettaton_Darling. Anyway this is an attempt at making a sad fanfic, one character dies, but they come back so don't worry ;) I'm planning for this to be short, at most six chapters, but who knows maybe I'll get a huge idea and continue it past that. Lastly, one of these characters (Arahc) was made by someone I was rping with, not me or Toby Fox. Unfortunately, I am unable to credit him because I don't have a username or link to credit (unless you want his Roblox name which is Aesthesiaa) Anyway, I hope you enjoy~


6. Help


It wasn't long before Undyne kicked open the door and ran in, her girlfriend walking in slowly behind her.

"Oh my god!" she yelled, "Paps, Mettaton, what the hell happened!!!" I

t took a while, but Papyrus explained everything.

Sans turned to Alphys, "You can fix this, right?" he started to tear up, "I want my little bro back, I want him to be okay!"

Alphys looked a little unsure,

"W-well if Mettaton is okay with it..." she looked at me.

"I'd do anyth-thing for Papyrus" I replied, my voice a little distorted.

"R-right, well you have to s-separate from your body, but d-don't worry I have a sp-spare at the lab so you won't have to be a g-ghost for long!"

I didn't like the idea of separating, it would be hard, I have so little of a ghost left in me that if I died I would actually die. But like I said, anything for Papyrus.

"Alright so all we need is a soul for Papyrus that can contain that much determination. A human soul."

She looked at Undyne, "You're close to Asgore, s-so can you get a soul from him?"

"I'll try..."

"Alright so you should go now, if we wait any longer then, well, they'll combine completely, into one being and that would be... bad." She looked at us, "It will be okay, I promise."

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