It All Seemed So Simple ☆ A Papyton Fanfic

Mettaton and Papyrus' dates always go the same way and neither of them ever want that to change.
But one day, something goes wrong.


9. Chara

    "You guys really are idiots!" Chara laughed, "Did you really think you could win that easily?"

"Back off, Chara, or you're gonna have a bad time!" Sans threatened.

"Right what're you gonna do? Kill me? If you do, you'll be hurting Frisk! Besides, I'll just come back!" 

"Chara!" another voice said.

"Oh, it's you."

"Yes it's me, just let them have a happy ending!"

"Pfft, don't act all innocent, you've done genocide before"

"Yes, before, so many times before that I am much stronger than you. Hurt them," his calm voice when dark for a second, "And I'll  E N D  you."

"Why are you sticking up for these idiots? We can kill them together! I'll just reset and then they can live happily!"

"Chara, you'll just kill them again, you've put them through too much already, just let them live their happy ending!"

"Pssh, whatever, you're no fun anymore."

"I'm just not an immature brat." They looked at him angrily as they faded away giving Frisk their body back.

"You're welcome," Arahc said, as he too faded away.



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