Skylynn Craske and Luke Brooks

After her year long relationship with Perri. Skylynn Craske is finally single and ready to have fun. When Diversity flies to L.A for a performance they happened to bump into the Janoskians. Skylynn and Luke began to have feelings for eachother. Will Skylynn be able to be in another relationship? Can she handle a long distance relationship?


9. Chapter 9

* later that day*

Skylynn pov: after hanging with the boys at the pool Luke and i went out to eat some pizza. When we arrived we sat down and ordered some pizza. When the pizza came Luke started goofing off of course i laughed. I took a pic of him with the pizza 

@SkyCraske: lol can never have a normal bite to eat with @LukeBrooks 

After eating we got up and we went back to the house and up to his room where we hung out and watched movies. I was getting kind of sad because i would be leaving in a few days. I cuddled more into Luke and kissed his cheek.  

*Next morning* 

I woke up the next morning and saw Luke asleep i went and took a shower and got dressed. When i came back into the room Luke was still asleep. I grabbed my phone and took a pic of him 

@SkyCraske: when bae won't wake up...@LukeBrooks wake up come on 

I went downstairs and saw Jai and Beau. 

Jai: hey Sky

Skylynn: hey 

Beau: when are you leaving 

Skylynn: two days why

Beau: we gotta take you out before you leave. 

I sat down with Beau and Jai and we just talked 

Jai: Luke really likes you 

Skylynn: *smiles*

The boys and i chatted for a bit when Luke came down.


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