Skylynn Craske and Luke Brooks

After her year long relationship with Perri. Skylynn Craske is finally single and ready to have fun. When Diversity flies to L.A for a performance they happened to bump into the Janoskians. Skylynn and Luke began to have feelings for eachother. Will Skylynn be able to be in another relationship? Can she handle a long distance relationship?


3. Chapter 3

* next day* 

Skylynn pov: Today i was going to hang out with my friend Kayleigh who lives in L.A. We met up and started walking around. After an hour we walked into a park and saw a group of boys making a video. I noticed how their were two of them who looked excatly alike i knew they were twins, then there were other two who were just goofing off. I made eye contact with one of the twins, he smiled and winked at me then continued the video. Kayleigh and i sat down and started talking. 

Kayleigh: so how you liking L.A so far 

Skylynn: its really nice here 

Kayleigh: would you consider moving here 

Skylynn: i don't know maybe its just the boys i can't leave them 

while Kayleigh and i were talking the group of boys came up to us. 

???: um excuse us, sorry to interrupt but are you Skylynn Craske from Diversity 

i looked at the boy who spoke and replied 

Skylynn: yea 

???: i'm Beau i'm a big fan of you, you're really hot by the way 

Skylynn: *chuckles* thanks 

Beau: um this is my best friend Daniel and my younger brothers Luke and Jai 

i watched as he pointed to each boy and told me their names, i looked at the boy who winked at me and noticed he had a lip piercing. 

Skylynn: nice to meet you guys *smiles* wait i know you guys you're apart of the Janoskians 

Jai: you know us

Skylynn: um yea, i saw some of your videos before you guys are really funny 

as i was talking to them i got a text from Sam saying we had to rehearse today 

Skylynn: well it was nice to meet you guys but i gotta get to rehearsals 

Daniel: wait before you go, Luke here has a little crush on you and wants your number *smirks* 

I looked at Luke and saw him blush and hit Daniel 

Skylynn: *chuckles* sure 

i wrote my number down on his arm and said to call me. After Kayleigh and i walked off to the studio that Ash rented out for us to rehearse at.

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