Skylynn Craske and Luke Brooks

After her year long relationship with Perri. Skylynn Craske is finally single and ready to have fun. When Diversity flies to L.A for a performance they happened to bump into the Janoskians. Skylynn and Luke began to have feelings for eachother. Will Skylynn be able to be in another relationship? Can she handle a long distance relationship?


2. Chapter 2

* two days later in the car*

Skylynn pov: Sam and i were in the cab on our way to the airport to L.A with Mitch and Perri. Everyone was coming at different times so we might be the first to L.A. I took my phone out and took a pic and posted it on instagram. 

@SkyCraske: Off to L.A. Super excited..who's coming to see Diversity perform this weekend at L.A Summertime Fun Fest? 

* 20 mins later* 

We finally made it to the airport and were finally on the plane. The rest of the boys made it and now we were all on the plane ready to leave, i was sitting next to Mitch. I grabbed Mitch's hand in fear 

Mitch: bubs relax the plane hasn't even moved yet. 

Jordan: *peeks over the seats* Sky listen i'm gonna tell you what the plane does, when it takes off its gonna go in the air and its gonna do a loop de loop in the air you'll be fine 

Sky: a what...Mitch *scared*

Mitch: Jord *sternly* he's joking bubs its not gonna do that i promise you'll be safe. You need to relax want something a drink 

Sky: no i need drugs forget the drink

Mitch: Sky shut up

i watched as Mitch ordered us some food and drinks. After eating i fell asleep. 

* 7 hours later* 

I was awaken by Mitch shaking me. I saw that we were already landed. I got up and got my stuff and walked off the plane. It was night time in L.A. We all got in the car and drove off to the hotel, when we arrived Ash gave us our key and told us who we were sharing a room with and said that tomorrow we can explore L.A. Mitch and i were sharing a room and we went and fell asleep. 

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