Skylynn Craske and Luke Brooks

After her year long relationship with Perri. Skylynn Craske is finally single and ready to have fun. When Diversity flies to L.A for a performance they happened to bump into the Janoskians. Skylynn and Luke began to have feelings for eachother. Will Skylynn be able to be in another relationship? Can she handle a long distance relationship?


16. Chapter 16

*middle of the night* 

Skylynn pov: i woke up in the middle of the night next to Luke who was fast asleep and i was starving. I shook Luke awake. 

Luke: mm babe go back to sleep

Skylynn: i can't i'm hungry

Luke: ugh really 

Skylynn: yes please get up so we can go get something 

Luke: fine 

Luke and i get up and get dressed, i grab one of his sweatshirts and one of his hats and we get in the car and drive to a diner. We sat down and ordered our drinks. I saw Luke take a pic of me from the corner of my eye.

@LukeBrooks: when your girl looks better in your clothes than you do. @SkyCraske #Midnightmeal.

When we were done eating we paid and went back to the house and fell back to sleep. 

*Next morning* 

Luke pov: I woke up the next morning and saw Skylynn asleep next to me. I got up and took a quick shower and got dressed for the day. When i was looking for a shirt i heard Skylynn's phone ringing, i went and picked it up and saw it was Sam

Luke: hello 

Sam: Luke

Luke: hey Sam 

Sam: hey, um can you tell Skylynn we got to rehearse on the stage in an hour 

Luke: yea no problem

Sam: ok thanks man

i hung up and saw Skylynn still asleep, i put on my shirt and went to wake her up. When she woke up she got dressed and i made her something to eat before we left. We got in the car and i drove her to the arena where she would be performing later. 

Skylynn: you're still coming later right 

Luke: of course i'm still coming 

I saw her smile and i leaned over and gave her a kiss and watched her walk inside. I turned the car around and made my way back to the house. 

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