Last Summer

Musician; Camilla Shire, Joven from Smosh Games sister moves into the Smosh Games House and sparks a new romance between her and one of the residents of the house: a beautiful cosplayer named Wes. But this new thing sparks hate between fans of her music and fans of Smosh Games.
Will this pull them apart or will it push them together making their love stronger?


1. Packing Up

Ugh...1:30am...I'm still packing...I wish Joven was here to help...but he's not... Ugh, just wake up Camilla, Joven's picking you up at 3am! That means that I only have 1 and 1/2 hours to get ready and pack up before he comes to get me. "At least it's summer" I mutter to myself as I throw on my denim shorts and a white t-shirt. We were now experiencing a heat wave in America and it's so hot. I was in my own mind when in heard a knock on the door, so I slowly made my way down the stairs and looking through the window to see Joven stood there, in shorts, sandals and a tank top. "He's early" I thought as I go to the door to let him in. I open the door to see him stood there just staring at something. "Heya Joven...Joven...?" I smile as he shakes his head and finally wakes up. "Hey Camilla, little sis! I've come to help you pack your stuff!" He smiles as we both head upstair to my room. "All I need to pack is my guitar Jovie" I tell him and he grabs the guitar stand. "Okay, I'll take everything to the car then, everyone's waiting" he says as he goes towards the stairs. Joven is a member of Smosh Games along with another 5 members who I have become friends with over the past years. I finally pack my guitar and head to the car where everyone was waiting. "CAMILLA!!" Lasercorn, Flitz and Mari screamed whilst Sohinki gave me a hug. "Hey Cami" Wes smiles as he gives me a quick hug. "Hey Wes" I say back, whilst hugging him. Suddenly the car jolts forward as Joven tries to set off. "DAMN IT! Why is it so hard to do things!?" He shouts as the rest of us just laugh. "Joven Rage!" Mari exclaims, Sohinki boots Jovern out of the driving seat and gets in, starting the car perfectly and making our way gradually to the Smosh Games House. My old house was falling down and a lot of repairs needed doing so I just thought why spend a lot of money to get them fixed when I can just move. I think that it would have cost over £1500 just to fix one room. "Nearly there people" Sohinki says happily as he pulls up the car on a drive way of a huge looking mansion. "Wow..." The only word which escapes my lips as I get out of the car and carefully walk up to the house. "This is huge..." Out of nowhere, Wes runs up behind me, scooping me up and carrying me into the reception area. "PUT ME DOWN WES!" I giggle as he places me on the reception desk. I stare longingly into his huge chocolaty brown eyes. Then something in my mind clicked. Wes wasn't just a friend, someone that I could rely on, someone that I could muck about with... He was someone that I loved; my feelings have developed for him but he probably didn't feel the same way though. I was deep in thought so I didn't realise that Sohinki had joined me up on the reception desk. "What's up Cami?" He says, as I snap out of my own thoughts. "It's nothing" I say as I walk upstairs to my new room. "Snap out of it Camilla, he probably doesn't love you back" I mutter to myself and sigh. A tear falls from my eye as I enter my new room. "Isn't it marvellous?" Joven smiles as he places his arm around my shoulders. "Hey..." He says noticing that I was crying a bit. "What's up huney?" I smile, wiping away my tears. "I just love it Jovie" I say, giving him a tight hug. He leaves the room and let's me unpack my stuff. *After Unpacking* "Ugh, Lasercorn, why did you have to target me!?" I exclaim, as Lasercorn hits me with a red shell on mariokart. "Because I want to be first!" He shouts back and I just laugh. "Oh foods's here" Flitz smiles as he gets up to get the door but I hand him my controller and told him that I would get it instead. I get to the front door after what felt like a two hour walk. I stop in my tracks as I see who was already there. "Wes?" I say quietly, almost in a whisper. "Camilla, hey" he says as he pays the domino's guy. He closes the door and turns to head to the kitchen, I follow him and grab a knife to cut the pizza. Thoughts cross my mind at about 1000mph: what if I was being too creepy?, What if he already has a girlfriend? I needed to stop thinking about stuff like this but I just couldn't. "So do you have anyone special Cami?" Wes says as I snap back into reality. I chuckle at the fact of me having a boyfriend. "No, Wes. You?" I ask him the same question, curious to know the answer. "No, we unfortunately broke up last week and she doesn't want to get back together" Wes sighs, obviously wanting to move on but not ready yet. I was so focuses on him that I didn't realise that my finger was in the way of the knife so as I tried to cut the pizza slices, well I think you can guess how it went? "Shit!" I exclaim as blood poured out of my finger. "Oh god Camilla, please be more careful next time Hun!" Wes smiles at me and I almost feel myself die inside. "Here. Pass me you finger" Wes got up off the bar stool and walked me over to the sink, his hand around my wrist, keeping it high in the air so the blood wouldn't run down my hand. He turned on the tap and placed my finger delicately underneath it. "Leave it there for a minute whilst I get a band aid. Okay?" I smile as Wes left the room, my heart beating as fast as it could.

A/N: So this is my first Chapter of my First fanfiction. I hope you enjoy it and don't hate it too much 😝 Thank you for reading it part two will be up tomorrow ❤️

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