My Little Prince

Meet my little prince, he's my incredible boyfriend. He's my very special one, I love him to the moon and back. He's my little cute idiot. but guess what ?! he's a bad boy, and here things get a bit complicated.


2. Our history

As I mentioned before, Jaiden and I didn't actually meet. We just grew up together. His parents were very close neighbors to my parents and about the same age, so they got along together pretty well.

When I was born he was one year old, so he practically was very excited about it and wanted to feed me a cookie, he nearly killed me. like really ?! I was about to get murdered when I was just 5 days old?!

Now the weird thing is that we grew up together, he was my own friend and so was I to him. When we started to go to school, we realized that we just don't fit there. I didn't really get along with anyone, Jaiden tried to get close to some boys from his class and they started bulling him. So basically we had no choice but stick to each other and survive elementary school.

In high school, I discovered my passion to drawing and was not interested in learning anything else. I spent my days at school drawing all the time, in class, after class, in the lunch break. I wasn't interested in anything else but Jaiden, he was always by my side and made sure no one bothered me we were known as the weird couple. At the beginning, Jaiden really struggled to get along with anyone. He got into fights, he was the problematic guy at school, he literally couldn't speak with anyone without snapping in their faces, even teachers avoided him. After school our parents forced us to stay home and study because both of us were failing high school.

When Jaiden turned eighteen, everything changed. He used to wake me up everyday at five in the morning to go on a run with him. I didn't know why he wanted me to get fit but I got along with it cause I wanted to spend time with him, I would not complain about it. He drove me to school everyday and made sure to be there on time to pick me up and take me back home. I've always questioned him what is he up to?! like he finished high school he should start working or go learn something. He's always used to say that he's fine like that and that he's figuring something out. After all he was a smart ass who failed high school, cause he thought that teachers are bossing students around and he of course will not obey anyone. He's an idiot, I know that.

A year after, I turned eighteen. The next day, I was woken up to find Jaiden going throw my drawers and collecting my essentials. It was the most embarrassing moment I've had in my whole life, is he really going throw my underwear?! oh my god where are we even going?! 

I jumped immediately and saved my underwear from his hands and shouted in his face " don't you ever dare touch my colorful underwear with your hands again!", the panic showed on his face and covered my mouth his big hand, and looked at the door ready to take a move on whoever is coming into my room. luckily no one heard me, " what the fuck Loraine?! we need to go now, I'm saving you, let's just get out of here and I'll explain everything later", he takes his hand off of my face , I take my backpack and pack as much stuff as I can, I took all my pencils since I can't live if I lose any of them. five minutes later, we jump from my window and start running as fast as we can, now I get why he insisted I run with him everyday the past year.

We got to the train station where he explained everything to, he told me that he over heard our parents talking together about separating us, so the whole past year Jaiden was planning for this. He checked on me everyday to make sure that no one will take me far away from him.

"but Jay, we could've talked this out with them. we don't have to run away", he placed his heavy hands on both of my shoulders and looked in my eyes " they will never stop bossing us around, and I don't feel like it. I just want to do whatever I want and keep you safe with me". My heart literally melted from his words, I really felt overwhelmed and hoped that he'll confess his love to me anytime soon cause I swear I saw it in his eyes , so I particularly agreed.


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