My Little Prince

Meet my little prince, he's my incredible boyfriend. He's my very special one, I love him to the moon and back. He's my little cute idiot. but guess what ?! he's a bad boy, and here things get a bit complicated.


3. Alone in the big apple

As we arrived to New York, Jaiden had an apartment arranged for us. It's a  really small place for both of us to stay at, but I'm not complaining to be honest. It has just one bedroom, a small kitchen and a tiny bathroom, I'm just wondering how are we supposed to live both of us here.

There was a small space area, with some brushes and paint. That made me feel more comfortable and related to this place. He followed me inside, put my bag in the bedroom and headed to the door. I thought he was going to get his bag and come back later.

But I was wrong, I was left alone in this small place in the middle of no where. Jaiden didn't come back Just like that without even saying goodbye. When I went to open the door and follow him outside, I found a piece of paper hanging on it. I took the paper in my hands and started reading it, my eyes scanning every single word rapidly.

"Dear Juliette,

Yes, your name from now on is Juliete.  I'm sorry for leaving you like this, I have important things to do. If you see me by accident somewhere my name is Romeo. Don't even think too much about it, I just picked classic names cause it's better like this. 

I have some rules for you to follow. first, don't go out for the next couple of weeks, you have plenty of food and everything you need so stay in for as long as you can. second, don't tell anyone that we ran away or that you have anyone with you, you moved here to get in college and that's it. Third, don't let anyone in this apartment. It's our only safe place, don't trust anyone.

Other than that, you can have fun in college. You're taking the art major, you've been always dreaming about.

and one more thing, please workout more. Maybe we'll need to run away again. Be careful.

I'll be back soon. don't miss me ;) "

What important things that I don't know about ?! and why do we need a safe place ?!. This is bullshit. He's hiding something from me. That's why he left me. That idiot coward, he will never talk to me like normal people do. I'm really angry now, I wanted to punch something. I've never felt like this before.

I went to my new bedroom . There I found a box on the desk, it's a new phone with a new number, since he forced me to leave my phone at home to make sure no one will have a trace of us. 
When I opened the phone, I received a text. "be my girlfriend ?" 

Here we go with his sick, drunken texts. He brought me here away from everything and everyone, in order to leave me and go get his ass drunk. What is he thinking?! I will just obey him and whatever he told me to do. 

" I'm your Romeo sweet Juliette" really now ?! I'm not going to text him back. 

I rolled my eyes leaving the new phone on the desk flashing lights, indicating that I'm receiving texts. I don't even care what happens right now.

I lied on the bed, and found two envelopes under my pillow. The first one had some cash in it, but the other one contained, a collage acceptance, a schedule and a map.
What else do I have to find ?! Did he hide anything else in this creepy place? I'm getting sick of him. Even though I was really tired,  I couldn't get a hint sleep. 

It was really cool that I'm going to college here, but it's no fun when Jaiden isn't with me. I felt tired and lost in my own thoughts and mad at the same time. I needed to relax.
So I went into my tiny bathroom to take a shower. Maybe it will help me to collect my thoughts.

And It actually made me feel more refreshed and better somehow.

When I sat down in the drawing area and closed my eyes trying to relax from all the traveling we made, the sudden change in my life made me feel weird and not sure about anything, except that I love Jaiden and trust him but he doesn't get to flip my life like this without even explaining to me what's going on. I just need answers to my questions, he's confusing me. one second, he tells me he cares for me and almost said those three stupid words I wanted to hear from him, and the other second, he gives me his back and leaves me alone.

Pictures from earlier came rushing  to my mind, from the moment Jaiden came into my room and started packing. Until the moment, he walked out of this door without saying goodbye. I felt that I'm missing something over here. I'm sure he's hiding important things from me  And I need find out about it.

I felt the urge  to draw everything that happened today, as if every moment that I've spent with Jaiden is hiding a clue in it. I took my new drawing notebook and started drawing fast, picture after picture.  Until I couldn't feel my hands anymore. As if those moments were slipping from my mind, and I was wanted to keep them.

My days passed just like this, drawing, eating and ignoring Jaiden's texts, I did read them but I am still pissed off at him, so I didn't text him back. I was too scared to go out alone.

Two weeks  has passed, the apartment is full of drawings by now and canvases are everywhere. I was running out of food and colors. I just can't survive like this. Sitting in this place alone is doing me no good.

Finally, I had the courage to go change my clothes and get out of here, After spending two whole weeks in here, it felt really weird to go out and be around people.I was really nervous.

I didn't really  have much to wear, all I could find in the bag that Jaiden has packed for me is pair of jeans, a white top and a pink cardigan. Jaiden did a great job by stuffing my bag with too much underwear. Like where's the logic in doing this ? I could go without wearing underwear under my clothes ,it Doesn't mean that I would do that, but clearly I wouldn't go out wearing underwear with no clothes on. Idiot.

I got out of  the door putting my toms on.
I was about to go down the stairs, when I felt scared. I've been alone for a while, I feel nervous about going out alone in a new place that I don't really know and I'm not sure that I know how to come back home. 

I looked back at my door, then at the opposite side of it. My eyes landed on another door. Well well, I have neighbors.  What is the chance that the people who live in there would accept to go grocery  shopping with a creepy stranger ?! None.

So here goes the plan. I put my panicked expressions on my face , ran to the door and started  pounding on it.
I could hear someone shouting annoyed from the other side of  the door. I hope I won't get murdered today. 
The door opened to reveal a half naked guy standing in front of me, when he spotted me his grey eyes widened, he was about to say something but before he could say anything.

"the building is on fire, run down quickly!" I said. Well it's the first thing that came to my mind. He looked up at the staircase trying to find an evidance or something that proves the shit that I've just said.

I shouted quickly before he could get to any conclutions and get back into his apartment, "everyone is down stairs come on, you'll die alone here" he panicked and went back to his apartment and called for someone I guess.

He came back rushing with a shirt on this time, and with a crying blonde girl following behind him. Just great.Now that explains why he was annoyed.

We ran downstairs and got to the enterance of the building, no one was there.
We got out and everything was normal people were rushing around, looking at our panicked expressions as if we're crazy. Well, I am crazy for lying and believing my own lie.
I looked back at the guy to find him staring into my eyes, he was confused and really annoyed. Ops, I really started to panic now, but I can't show him that I'm scared.

I collected the tiny bit of courage that's left in me, and offered him a hand shake.

"I'm Juliette, and I'm sorry for freaking you out, but I have my reasons. Can I explain myself please?". The words rushed out of my mouth, and I gave him a pleading look.

I should become an actress someday.

And I ended up using that classic name, not that I really care anyway.


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