The Dark Of Insanity

This is a poetry anthology that was begun in my year 9 English class


11. Anger

I speak to you the feeling of anger

You grip my mind like you're my strangler

I cannot control you and I have no saviour

and when I snap and change behaviours

I do not hold back 

You're a bottomless pit

you lead me to get beaten, bashed up, soaked in spit

I have no way left and I might just let go

so next time you try me I'll pull back fists and throw

There is no escape you lead me to hell

and a truckload of drama as well

I wish that I could just stop and say

I can leave my emotions just for the day

Bur instead I speak too soon and can't keep my mouth shut

so then comes the choice: punch a wall, speak  ... or .... cut


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