my name is Sarah and I've been an orphan for over 2 years, when they found me I was living off scraps and have been on the street for 8 years, and my dad is the HARRY STYLES but I think he forgot about me but I haven't forgotten about him.


6. Not a chapter

Hey, sorry for not updating in a while, my mum doesn't let me on the computer when I get home from school.

Any way I'm having I competition for the boys girl friends and Sarah's mum (who comes in later and makes more drama, just saying now) 

Harry's girlfriend

Louis's girlfriend

Zayne's girlfriend

Liam's girlfriend

Niall's girlfriend

Sarah's mum

so I need your description like: name, hair colour, eye colour and last name

so if you enter I'll be really happy so thanks!!!

see you my wizards (I'm a fan of harry potter as well) sorry if that was bad, I need something to call you guys so add that with the description


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