my name is Sarah and I've been an orphan for over 2 years, when they found me I was living off scraps and have been on the street for 8 years, and my dad is the HARRY STYLES but I think he forgot about me but I haven't forgotten about him.


1. Introduction

Hi my name is Sarah, Sarah styles (yeah as in Harry Styles daughter) I've living on the street for 8 years but now I'm in an orphanage and I love it, the only part I don't like is that when I go to school I'm always  getting picked on, being called orphan, waste of space etc. but I couldn't care less what they think of me, lately I've been searching things up about my dad and I find some really cool things but I wont get into details.

My best friends, Abby and Ashley, have helped me a lot through the 2 years i spent looking, every night i would have the same nightmare, me running away from dad, a relived look on his face when i didn't come back but i get through it.

Mrs Amber is the nicest woman you could ever meet, when those men dragged me into the orphanage, she tended to my wounds and made sure i was as comfortable as possible, she looked after me when i couldn't so I'm so very thankful for her being there.

anyway back to the story.




WOW second book tonight so please enjoy and comment, i would really like to hear you feedback on how I'm doing and maybe get some advise so BYE ;)

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