my name is Sarah and I've been an orphan for over 2 years, when they found me I was living off scraps and have been on the street for 8 years, and my dad is the HARRY STYLES but I think he forgot about me but I haven't forgotten about him.


7. chapter 5


Harry's POV

I hear singing coming from one side of the car then I realise that it is Sarah so I look over at her and see that she has a shocked expression on her face as she pulls out the ear buds

"Dad?" says Sarah as she looks at me, I just smile and open my arms so she can jump into my lap for a hug so when she does then I realise that we are back at the orphanage so we get out of the car as Sarah's hand tightens around mine so we walk inside.

"OH MY GOD SARAH!!" screams Abby as we walk in the door and hugs her then Paul comes in holding Ashley and Megan by their arms while they are handcuffed, i feel Sarah tense up next to me so i put a protective arm around her and pull her closer 

Abby pulls Sarah into a hug while the cops take the girls out of Paul's arms and takes them into the cop car and leaves

"I thought you were dead" says Abby as she lets Sarah go, "Sarah. time to go home" she turns to me and nods and we walk up stairs and grab her bags and walk downstairs to take them to the car while the lads are inside trying to talk Paul into letting Sarah come on tour with us.


"Welcome home Sarah" we walk into the house and Sarah's mouth drops open in surprise as soon as she walked into the house, she follows me up stairs to a door, i open it and her eyes go big

"this is... this is my room?" i just nod and laugh as she runs and jumps onto the bed and grabs the remote and turns the TV on, "have fun" i smile and leave the room and go downstairs

"did she like her room?" asks Louis from the living room couch so i walk into the living room and sit down so we can talk.

Sarah's POV

"Hey guys this is my first video, you have been nagging me for forever to do a youtube video so here it goes.

(verse 1)

when you hold me in the street

and you kiss me on the dance floor

i wish that we could be like that 

why can't we be like that, cause I'm yours


we keep behind closed doors

every time i see you, i die a little more

stolen moments that we still as the curtain falls

it'll never be enough 


it's obvious you're meant for me

every piece of you it just fits perfectly

every second every thought I'm in so deep

but ill never show it on my face 

but we know this, we got a love that is hopeless


(chorus 1)

why can't you hold me in the street?

why can't i kiss you on the dance floor?

i wish that we could be like that

​why can't we be like that? cause I'm yours


(verse 2)


when your with him do you call his name,

like you do when your with me, does it feel the same

would you leave if i was ready to settle down?

or would you play it safe and stay

girl you know this, we got a love that is hopeless


(chorus 2)

why can't you hold me in the street?

​why can't i kiss you on the dance floor?

i wish that it could be like that

​why can't we be like that? cause I'm yours


(verse 3)

and nobody knows I'm in love with someones baby (him)

​i don't want to hide us away (her)

tell the world about the love we're making (him)

​I'm living foe that day, someday (her)


why can't i hold you in the street?

why can't i kiss you on the dance floor?

i wish that we can be like that 

​why can't we be like that? cause I'm yours


(chorus 3)

why can't i hold you in the street?

​why can't i kiss you on the dance floor?

i wish that we can be like that

​why can't we be like that? cause I'm yours


why can't i say that I'm in love

i want to shout it from the rooftops

​i wish that it could be like that

why can't we be like that? cause i'm yours


​why can't we be like that?

wish we could be like that


"Thanks for watching guys, see you next time, bye!" i end the video and start editing it when i hear the doorbell ring so i open my door and go tot he top of the stairs when i hear uncle Zayn shout, "JOSEY!" i gasp and lean back when i feel a hand on my shoulder so i turn around and see uncle Louis with two buckets next to his feet, "lets prank your uncle Zayn and his girlfriend by pouring water on them okay?" i just nod while trying not to laugh when i see the craziness in his eyes so we carry the buckets to the edge of the stair railing and look over to see dad and my other uncles standing in the doorway out of sight while looking up at us with their thumbs us

uncle Louis looks at me and starts counting down, "3... 2... 1... NOW!!" we tip the bucket of water on uncle Zayns and his girlfriends head, as soon as we do that we run to my room while laughing the last thing we hear before we close the door is "LOUIS, SARAH GET DOWN HERE NOW!"






sorry for not updating in a while, i hope you like what Sarah and Louis do to Zayn, ENJOY!!!


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