my name is Sarah and I've been an orphan for over 2 years, when they found me I was living off scraps and have been on the street for 8 years, and my dad is the HARRY STYLES but I think he forgot about me but I haven't forgotten about him.


5. chapter 4

Sarah's POV

Its all dark, cold and quiet and I can't see anything but wait,

I see five pairs of eyes, first a emerald green with sadness in them, then a pair of blue eyes with a michevious glint int them, another pair of blue eyes with kindness and hunger in them, a pair of brown eyes with kindness in them and a pair of hazel eyes with a bored look in them, who are they?

why are they in my dreams especially the green eyes and the blue eyes with hunger in them but why are they there

i feel a wetness on my hand and a voice "come on sweetie, wake up please, please wake up" "squeeze my hand if you can hear me" i try to move my hand and i do then my eyes  open to see all five eyes looking down at me

"who...who are you?"

"what do you mean?"

"i mean I've never met you before, why are you in my hospital room?"

"well..." the one with green eyes says "I'm Harry, this is Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn" they all waved

"I've seen you in my dreams, Harry? and Niall?" I see them smile a sad smile

"I'll be back" says Niall as he leaves the room "whats wrong with him?" "he's hungry so...." i just laugh a little at this comment 

"when will i be able to leave?" "tonight, i hope" says the doctor as he walks into the room, "how are you Miss Styles?"

"Miss Styles, as in the Harry Styles daughter, Harry Styles from One Direction?" he just nods so i just try not to fangirl out

Niall walks back into the room with a few sandwiches and says, "this is gross, but I'm hungry!" everyone laughs including me

"how about you listen to this love?" i just nod and take the iPhone 5 off him and put in the head phones and click on the One Direction playlist and click shuffle and 'What Makes You Beautiful' comes on and i start singing along to the chores 


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