Running with the wolves

"Hunter! Hunter!" I screamed

The woods were dark. I was running threw the trees and tripping over roots.

A scream rang through the forest. I ran from where it came. Yelling for Hunter as I went.

I found him laying on the ground groaning in pain I quickly sat down next to him taking him in my arms.

"Hunter, what wrong? Are you ok?" His moans only grew louder.

"Get away from me." He spat trying to push me away.

"No I won't leave u! We need to call for help." I was trembling as I dialed the numbers into my phone. I But I dropped it when He let out a roar like scream, nearly shaking the ground.

Tears started falling down my face as I searched the ground for my phone. I felt heat blowing on my face. When I looked up I met two bright, red, glowing eyes.I jumped back in fear.

Hunter had fang like teeth, claws for nails and hair sprouting all over his body. He was no longer the Hunter I knew.

"Run Thea! Run!" He roared And soon enough I was once agin sprinting through the trees.

I was crying hysterically and not looking where I was going. I tripped on root and fell hard to the ground. I tried to get up but I had a heaving force on me.

Drooling, razor sharp teeth where only inches from my face And claws dug deep into my skin. I knew this was it. I looked into the beasts eyes.

"Hunter!" I sobbed.


2. School

It's hard to believe we have been living here for a week, as strange as it is. And we happy. I didn't tell my dad about the incident with the strange boy. I feel as though I must keep it to myself.

I sit at the table playing with my cereal. I cant ignore how incredibly nervous I am. It's my first day of school. I've only ever been to one school in my entire life. And now I have to go to a new one, where I won't know anyone.

"Thea, let's go!" my dad says from behind the screen door. I say a quick pray before grabbing my bag and running outside.

It's raining. It's rained at least 3 times last week.

"Does it rain a lot here?" I ask as we ride down the road.

"I'm not sure but if it keeping raining this I think we'll need a couple more umbrellas." I smile biting down on my lip.

We pull up to the school and my stomach is filled with butterflies. I don't want to go.

"Dad, I think we should paint the kitchen green, Well actually if we paint the cabinets green we could paint the walls white which I think would look really nice with-" My dad cuts me off.

"Thea, you'll be fine." He kisses my head. He knows me too well.

"I'll see u at 3:15 Thea, love you girlie." I climb out of the car.

"love you too dad."He drives away and it's just me and the school, Well actually me, the school and like 5,000 kids. Which doesn't help.

I walk in a kids stare at me. I mean I know I'm new but hopefully it's not because I'm ugly. I have long dirty blond hair and hazel eyes. I know I'm not the prettiest girl but I don't like being stared at.

I find the main office and the lady sitting at the front desk greets me.

"Hi, honey what can help you with?"

"Hi, I'm new to the school."

"Oh good, Well welcome to Cold Spring High school.Whats your name?"

"Athena West."She rummages around her desk before pulling out a piece of paper.

"Ok, sweetie here is your schedule. Do you need a chaperone to take you to your classes?"

"No thank you."

"Ok, good luck!".


I exit the main office back into the hallway of rushing students.The bell should ring any minute so I decide to go to my locker before lunch, and just try and find my class for now.

The class was actually easy to find. I take a seat near the back. I don't feel like having to do the new kid speech. What's your name? Where you from? Why'd you move? That whole thing sucks.

The whole class arrives but a certain someone catches my eye. A boy with black hair and green eyes. The boy from the woods. Why my life?

"Welcome 11th grade history class, I am Mr.Thomas." The teacher greets the class. I cross my fingers when he takes out his clipboard.

"Ok class I'm gonna take attendance... Oh and it looks like we have a new student, Athena West."My heart drops. I raise my hand.The whole class turns to me and I can feel my face go red.

"Athena! Like the goddess of love, Are you a fan of Greek mythology?"

"My parents are, and I prefer Thea." He chuckles and writes it down. I look over to where the boy is sitting and he staring at me. I can't tell if he is shocked or angry to see me. Either way I don't want to find out.

The class goes by quickly and when exit the classroom I see the boy standing with his friends. I nearly run to my next class.

My whole day seems to be going by fast, before I know it I have lunch. I take my time getting to my locker. When I find it there's only one girl still there.

"Oh come on!" She yells. I walk up next to her and open my locker. She spins her lock again but it still doesn't open.

"Hey need some help?" I ask and she looks over at me.

"You can try if you want but it want open."She tries to hand me her combination but I just shake my head. I spin the lock twice before opening it. She has a shocked written all over her face.

"How-w did you?"

"My cousin's a lock smith." I shrug.

"Damn girl Thank you! I thought I was gonna have to starve at lunch."

"No problem, I'm Thea by the way."

"I'm Kara, are you new?"

"Yea, Today's my first day."

"Well you'll just have to sit with me at lunch then."

"Really? Thanks"

We head to the cafeteria and she leads me to a table already filled with people.

"Hey,Guys this is Thea." She introduces me. The say hi and I smile nervously. It's not until I sit down that I see who else at my table. The freaking guy from the woods.Can I get break with this guys.

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