Running with the wolves

"Hunter! Hunter!" I screamed

The woods were dark. I was running threw the trees and tripping over roots.

A scream rang through the forest. I ran from where it came. Yelling for Hunter as I went.

I found him laying on the ground groaning in pain I quickly sat down next to him taking him in my arms.

"Hunter, what wrong? Are you ok?" His moans only grew louder.

"Get away from me." He spat trying to push me away.

"No I won't leave u! We need to call for help." I was trembling as I dialed the numbers into my phone. I But I dropped it when He let out a roar like scream, nearly shaking the ground.

Tears started falling down my face as I searched the ground for my phone. I felt heat blowing on my face. When I looked up I met two bright, red, glowing eyes.I jumped back in fear.

Hunter had fang like teeth, claws for nails and hair sprouting all over his body. He was no longer the Hunter I knew.

"Run Thea! Run!" He roared And soon enough I was once agin sprinting through the trees.

I was crying hysterically and not looking where I was going. I tripped on root and fell hard to the ground. I tried to get up but I had a heaving force on me.

Drooling, razor sharp teeth where only inches from my face And claws dug deep into my skin. I knew this was it. I looked into the beasts eyes.

"Hunter!" I sobbed.


1. First day

Breathing slowly as we drive threw this unknown place. Everything seems to go in slow motion. We drive through the woods and over a bridge. I'm memorize every turn up to our new house.Our new beggining

We pull up to this little cabin like house.My dad turns off the car and looks to me.He takes my hand and smiles.

"Welcome home Thea. I think Cold Spring will treat us well."I give him a tight smile and a nod.

"I think it will too." He gives my hand one last squeeze before climbing out of the car. We start carrying boxes into the new house. As I step into the house I get a cold feeling. This house does not feel like home.Not yet.

The house is old and creaky. It feels very eerie. I walk in slowly, putting the box down in the kitchen.

"What do you think honey?" My dad calls from one of the neighboring rooms.

"It's great." I lie. He really wants this new life to be good for us. So I will try my hardest to be on my best behavior.

I go back outside to get another box. When I go to pick up a box from the trunk, I hear rustling in the woods. Chills run down my spine and I quickly turn around. Nothing is there but I feel like something is watching me.

I grab the box and quickly run into the house.My heart is racing. I turn around to see make sure the coast is clear, but I trip over the rug my father must have just put down. The box flies out of my hands and the objects inside it come flying out.

"Thea you ok in there." My dad calls.

"Yea I'm fine." I sigh kneeling down to pick up the things that fell out. Pictures of friends and family lay all over the floor. I laugh when I see a picture of my best friend Kate and I on my 7th birthday. I was obsessed with ladybugs so of course we through a huge lady bug party. We had about everything red and black. I'm pretty sure my mom even painted black spots on our kitchen walls for that party.

My figures graze a picture of my mom and I about a year before she died. I still can't believe it's been a year since she's been gone. I remember in our old house I kept expecting her to walk through the front door... We were so happy before.

"Hey Thea can you come help me with something?" My dad calls knocking me out of my trance. I quickly pick up all the pictures and stuff them into the box.

"I'm coming!"I yell running into the kitchen. He stands on a chair putting dishes into the cabinets.

"Our water is turned off. I was wondering if you could go outside and turn it on. The pump should be behind the house." He says looking down at me. I really don't feel like try going around in the woods looking for the stupid pump, but I'll do it anyway.

"Sure I'll be right back."I turn around and roll my eyes. Yay, let's go find this freaking pump! It's cold outside. The crisp fall wind whips my hair as leaves crunch under my feet. I keep my eyes peeled, repeating pump over and over again in my head.

It takes me awhile but I finally find the pump. I turn it on and pull out my phone texting my dad that I turned it on and to make sure it's working. He quickly replies back that it is so I start on my hike back up to the house.

Yet once again I feel like something is watching me. Chills race down my back and leaves rustle. I look around and fearing what might show if I stay. I start to run but don't get very far before I'm lying on the ground due to impact. A dark figure stands above and I pray for my life.

"What are you doing out here." The figure grumbles.I feel winded as try to catch my breathe.

"Water" is all I manage to get out in between breathes. I finally make out a face on the figure and it's a he. He is tall and has harsh green eyes and black hair. He looks very angry. But he is also very hot.

"Don't ever come out here again. Got it?" I nod still laying on the ground like a scared bunny. I go to blink and when I open my eyes he is gone.

I stand up and brush myself off. What that was that? Who the hell was that?

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