Pewds x Cry Fanfic

Cry hides himself from the cruel real world, the truth is he has something going on that's more scary and cruel then the real world......It goes on in his mind.


1. o_o

Cry hits his record button,

A black screen just shows up.

Hey everyone I'm Cryaotic short is just Cry...I don't really know why I picked the name I just did...Well I made this YouTube because I really don't go out a lot so I hope to make you guys happy in another way. I don't show my face because if I do go out I don't want to be followed...well I guess this is almost it...I do gameplay videos and hope to do other videos also...stay safe everyone!

Record ends and the video posts up on YouTube not that long after.

There was some views not much but there was this one comment. It was a man named PewDiePie.... His comment was;

Hey, you seem like a cool Bro let's make a game play video together!

There was many girls putting comments up like;

What the heck? You don't even know him pewds!,

He sounds like he's GAY!,

No don't Pewd's! He'll mess everything up for you!,

Cry was very upset he thought people would be more nice....but there he made up his mind and deleted the video.

But Pewd's didn't give up he pm Cry.

Pm; Hey Cry u there? I'm really sorry about everything I still want to do a video!...please do one with me I would really like it if you did it would be cool!.

It was months before replied to Pewd's but he did;'s fine I'll pass don't want to make trouble for you.

Right after he sent it he got a feeling like someone was looking into him from behind him he heard a laugh. Cry was scared, he felt something cold go down his back it felt like it started dripping....

Cry took his hand and rubbed it on his back and looked to see what it was and it was red!

Cry freaked out! He was scared wondering where the hell the blood came from! He grabbed some pain killers and took them.

When Cry looked into the mirror the blood was gone.... Then he heard his PC go was PewDiePie!

Cry went back to his PC almost tripping over all the garbage on the floor and sat down at his PC.

Pewd's: Cry c'mon! Please?!?! Just one....

Cry: you'll leave me alone after one video?...

Pewd's: yes.

Cry: fine here's my Skype, CryaoticMonkey101

Pewd's: YES!

Right away Pewd's went to his Skype and added Cry! He had the same photo he did on yt it was kinda cool...but Pewd's wanted to see Cry's face....well that was a let down....

Pewd's sent Cry a mes on Skype just to make sure it was him and it was.

1pm Pewd's: Hey Cry what's up? Are you doing anything right now?...

1:04pm Cry: Nah, nothing at all I was going to play left 4 dead but other the that nota thing.

1:05pm Pewd's: Wanna play together...?

Cry didn't know what to say for minuets but then he mad up his mind.

1:08pm Cry: sure...

1:09pm Pewd's: Yay! You voice call me? Or shall I do it?....

1:10pm Cry: I'll do it.

1:11pm Pewd's: Kay!

Cry voice calls Pewd's on Skype and they chat for a little before they play left for dead together, they play together for a little bit before they start the recorded video.

Of course Pewd's had his little box up with his oh so perfect face in it.

Pewd's and Cry were having a blast but Cry had to go same with Pewd's it was getting to late to play any more. They both said there goodbyes and logged off.

Cry was going to edit the video later after his power nap.....

Well he hardly slept at all....the evil force was back.....Pewd's wasn't online anymore Cry was alone with the things but he just went with the flow.....

The next day he woke up and the bed sheets were covered in blood.....He looked down at his arms and saw there was cuts all over them....did I do this to myself? In my sleep?

Cry picked his mask off his floor and put it on, today was when the people got his food for him he cleaned up a bit and took the garbage out and soon later he got his stuff and put it away in the right places and sits down at his PC and turned it on.


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