Pewds x Cry Fanfic

Cry hides himself from the cruel real world, the truth is he has something going on that's more scary and cruel then the real world......It goes on in his mind.


2. o__o

Well, Cry was so scared to check the YouTube video they put together.....but what he saw wasn't bad....He saw people liked it! There was only about 30 dislikes but really that's only the haters! But there were way more likes! Cry was really happy for once then a little icon popped up it was Pewd's! Cry had forgot to log off of Skype.....

12pm Pew's: Hey! Cry! Haha I guess a lot of people like our video after all! We should do more together!.....

12:02pm Cry: Hello....We could I guess.....

12:03pm Pewd's: What's the matter Cry?

12:04pm Cry: Nothing it's okay.

12:05pm Pewd's: What are you doing right now?

12:06pm Cry: Nothing....just got on.

12:07pm Pewd's: Wanna do a Skype call?

12:08pm Cry: I guess we could.....

Pewd's hit the voice call button and Cry hit the answer button, Pewd's voice echoed in Cry's head that sweet, nice, voice.....Nothing could make Cry feel better but Pewd's voice it was nice and calming to Cry it made all the pain and worries go away inside. Every time when we hit end on Skype call I felt sick....all the pain and hurting comes back..... Later that night after about 3 hours that the call me and Pewd's was over Pewd's messed something to me that almost made me burst out crying.....


3:08am Pewd's : Cry, I know we haven't been friends for that long but I want to meet you really bad!.....And hope to be really good friends!

My heart felt like it was going to explode from joy! I cant believe this he wants to meet me....the joy was to much for me I almost passed out until.....I felt someone touch me on the solder. I turned around and it was me....but this me didn't have a mask on I could see blood dripping from his eyes it was scary what was going on with me? Was I seeing things or was I sick I didn't know....know one ever knows if they lost there mind....I held out my hand and i felt his hand...He was there it wasn't all in my mind after all.

Maybe this is what i really am?.....After a few minuets went past...He was still there looking into my eyes he didn't move at all he was just looking right at me then he started to talk out of the blue.

Mad Cry: He's Going to leave you, but I wont. I'll always be here Cry.

Cry: How do you know he's going to leave me?!? You're crazy!

Mad Cry: I'm you so that makes you also crazy......

I was scared really scared....I started to even think that he was right....that Pewd's was going to leave me.....I wanted to ask him if he liked me as a friend.....what if he didn't like me? What if he never wanted to know me better? What if he didn't like me...If...he was just playing along....?

That's when I heard a sound that every gamer knew.........Sound of Skype going off....not the sound of a message the sound of a voice call....I took a deep breath and click the green answer button.

PewDiePie: Hey, Cry sorry about the call I just wanted to ask you something....if that's alright with you.

Cry: Go ahead ask away!

PewDiePie: Well....I just wanted to ask if you had anything going on this weekend...

Cry: not at all.

PewDiePie: Is it okay that we actually meet each other?

Cry went quite....he didn't know what to say....He was shocked that he wanted to meet somebody like me. Cry took a deep breath and answered Pewd's.   

Cry: Well...I-

PewDiePie: It's okay Cry don't worry about it~

Cry: I would love to meet you Pewd's!!

Pewd's was shocked that Cry really wanted to meet him so badly....was it because he stood up to the mean people? Who knows...I'll ask him when I get to see his face for the first time....I wonder what Cry looks like....what color his hair was what color his eyes are....what he likes to wear, was he cool to hang around with?....Who knows.....maybe he has a girlfriend?

At that time yes Cry was dating a girl but he only needed someone to talk to and have someone who loves him for who he was and with all his problems who would love him really.....but this girl did her name was Lilly. the thing was Cry didn't really love her he only liked her.

The day was coming fast that he would meet Pewd's soon he couldn't wait. But yet Cry was worried what about my face!? Do I put my mask on or do I go without it?......Cry looked down at the mask that was in his hands....He looked at it for the longest time but he knew if he kept on looking at it he would be late to meet Pewd's at the bus station....He decided to put his mask on and his favorite hoodie on, it was just a plain pullover green one. Cry made his way to the bus station and wait for Pewd's to come off of the bus.

Cry was really scared after all.....I couple of people pointed out that he had a mask on, but not a lot of people even cared. Cry waited and waited for Pewd's to come.....Cry lost all hopes and when he finally decides to start leaving he feels someone's hand grab his.

Pewd's: Cry....?

Cry's heart almost stopped, the person he had a little boy crush was standing right behind him holding his cold small hand.....Cry was about to freak out!

Cry:'s me....

Pewd's: Finally! The bus took forever to come! But I'm here now, so where shall we go?

Cry: Well....I was just thinking back to my house to watch some movies? I don't really like getting out a lot....

Pewd's: Yeah sure I'm cool with that.

Cry leads Pewd's the way to his home.

Cry: It's not much I live on my own I have 2 cats, I hope they don't make you sick.

Pewd's: No no cats are fine.

Pewd's smiles at Cry.

Cry blushes behind his mask, is a brown haired bright blue eyed boy. That's very caring and loving but also has a second personality.....

Cry: Well this is it.....

Pewd's saw a small one bedroom apartment not that big at all only for one that means Cry had to be single...? Well that was good news to Pewd's! Cry stepped into his apartment and held the door open for Pewd's, as Pewd's walked in a pure black cat welcomed him. Pewd's picked up the black little cat and pets him on the head and the cat purss.


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