Esmerelda and The Chocolate Factory

Every 30 years, five children are sent there. Four exit, irreversibly damaged– the fifth exits a king. It happened in 1975. It happened in 2005. And now it’s 2035.


1. Esmerelda

Esmerelda was a shy child, when she first saw the advertisements for Wonka's golden tickets she could not believe her eyes. In fact she had to double check her iPhone at least 5 times. All of her friends were tweeting about it but she felt like this wasn't the way she was going to win this ticket. She ran out of the house and bought a chocolate bar straight away, this however was to no avail. No golden ticket presented itself. She didn't mind that much though, after all there were still all 5 tickets to be found and she had plenty of time to do just that. 

It wasn't until 2 days after that she decided to go to the convenience store and pick up another bar. She was thinking about buying a bulk pack on Amazon but she thought that may take the fun out of it a little bit. Whilst on her way to the store she got a text update from BBC news saying that the first ticket had been found in... Sussex. Where she lives. She could not believe it, that could have been her, instead someone else gets that opportunity. After all what are the chances that two people from Sussex will go on to the chocolate factory? She still decided to pick up two chocolate bars this time but decided to wait until she was home to open them as she frankly wasn't in the mood to eat chocolate in the burning hot sun.

When she gets home she realises a package has come, she opens it and finds that it's a crate full of wonka chocolate bars with a golden ticket on top. Upon seeing this she was so confused. She thought to herself that she never did see the ticket winners face. That's when it dawned on her that this person has given her their ticket. many thoughts were buzzing around her head; "is this legal?" "should I tell someone?" "should i claim this ticket as my own". In the end she argued with herself and came to the conclusion that she would never be able to track the person that sent this parcel down and that she should simply enjoy it. 

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