The Perfect Opposites

Two unlikely people meet in an unexpected way where her hoodie got trapped in a locker and he offers to help. As they both end up being in the same programme the gifted programme which she had longed for, in a twisted turn of events many secrets are revealed about each of their pasts who will fall for who. Just wait and see


1. Beautiful Nightmare

"Steph.." Someone whispered in my ear 

I didn't respond "Steph..." they said once with a louder tone, I wriggled my nose and turned my head to the side and let out a loud sigh. "Stephanie!" someone shouted abruptly giving me a fright as I stretched my arms out while letting out an outstretched yawn then replying with an angry temper "What?" as I sent her death stares not noticing that I am in a car on my way to school hearing the gravel as it comes in contact with the tires when Jamie is parking the car.

Putting my hand on my cheek while resting it on the hand rest with a sulk plastered on my face as I watched the cheerful teens walking into school wondering why they are so happy on a Monday morning. 

"Lighten up Steph it's the first day after the summer holidays" looking concentrated on the stop as she adjusts the parking zone we are at "I honestly can't J I want my summer back the long days the nice warm weather.." I start to daydream when she suddenly hits the brakes I shake back and forth in my seat my seatbelt pulls me back with great force settling me in my original position as she takes me out of my trance, my bun had just moved out of its position as my mouth is wide open in shock as she watches me and giggles while getting out of the car.

Jamie was such a chilled person everyone needs a Jamie in their life. 

I grabbed my backpack closing the door behind me as I see Jamie appearing from the front of the car. She nods to me signifying that she wants me to walk towards the school I roll my eyes and walk as my feet slide on the gravel.

Attempting to re-do my bun many times  while walking over to the school and getting ever so frustrated at myself because it was not coming out perfect I let out a loud groan, and  just let it fall over my shoulder I shrugged my shoulders and walked on catching up to Jamie who was already half way across the school waving at a few people who looked like blurry blobs which reminded me to put on my glasses. I take them out of my pocket blowing my breath on them then cleaning them with my hoodie and putting them on my face where I could see my friends Lauren, Claire, TJ, and Josh.

Who have been my friends for a while now seeing their faces put a wide grin on my face 

Running towards them as I jump on Josh's back while I ruffle his hair "hey would you knock it off you're are sorta cramping my style" he said in a humorous manner while he popped his shirt collar . I jumped off of him with a sarcastic tone and replied "Nice to see you too Joshua" as I patted the back of his back strolling off to see the others. 

"Oh god Steph I told you not to call me that you swore" he whined, I mouthed "I'm sorry" while cocking my eyebrows and raising my hands up in defence. Shaking his head he mouths "It's okay"

Giving him a thumbs up and a fake smile while I hug Claire "So how was your summer?" TJ asks as we all walk through the great halls of Woodfield community school. We all halt as he walks on and we glare at him in a confused manner my hands on my hips. He turns to us with a questioned face "what?" he says we all burst out laughing in a unison "You are just too much TJ." Lauren says as we all walk away from TJ,  leaving him more confused than ever "G-g-guys" he stutters as we all leave while running after us. 

We all go to our form rooms departing in the middle of the hall. I go to room O24 with Ms. Richardson the schools bitchiest teacher, I disliked her for a number of reasons. I don't know how I ended up in her form. Why does bad stuff happen to good people I said to myself in my head. I furrowed my eyebrows and walked to my seat.

I sat near Andrew the forms smartest kid who is a part of the gifted programme, which I had applied to, but never got a response that completely sucks "Hey" I tried to spark a conversation. 

He looked over at me pushing his glasses up and looked around pointing at himself as  I nodded "Hey... Andrew ?" I started the conversation again while a confused look appeared upon my face. His eyes widened he took a sip of his water and replied "Hh-hi" he struggled to reply, I gave him an uncomfortable smile, but I was still determined to talk to him get to know him "So... How was your summer?" 

I intertwined my fingers that were stretched on the table as I bit the inside fo my cheek waiting for a reply. He opened his mouth and out came this light toned whisper "Oh you know the regular PlayStation and work haha" he let out a false laugh. I turned away from Andrew oh how tempted I was just to walk away from him and find another table to sit out, I sighed putting on the widest grin I could responding to his reply "Well that's great Andy, can I call you Andy?"

 I said in an over exaggerated tone, Andrew was in complete shock. I left him speechless he didn't blink once until he responded"I actually pre-" Ms. Richardson cut him off he let out a huge sigh of relief I looked over at him giving him a deathly glare.

"So welcome to year 11 my fellow students I hope you all enjoyed your summer and are full of energy for this next year. I don't want to restrict you guys today as it is your first day so go ahead you can talk to each other, but as of tomorrow, we are sticking to the schools rules capiche ?"  she raises her eyebrows with a slight smirk emerging.

Everyone groaned "Great I'm glad you all understand, as I have your attention, Stephanie? can you come to my desk please." I froze in my seat "Oh god!" I said to myself. I slid myself off of the chair and walked swiftly over to the front desk as everyone follows me with their eyes.

Clearing my throat "Y-yes Ms. Richardson?" as I star to fidget , she handed me a letter "what's this for?" I raised an eyebrow "Congratulations! you won a place at the gifted programme at this school!" she exclaimed. I was so astonished that my mouth opened in shock almost as if I was just going to let out the loudest scream in excitement "Oh my gosh really? thank you so much"

 praising Ms. Richardson she wasn't as bad as I thought she was "Don't thank me you should be proud of yourself, the effort and work you put into that application as well as doing incredible in your exams/assignments last year" I held the letter to my chest feeling super satisfied with myself. I smiled at her as I spun around biting down on my lip, making my way to my seat as if I just conquered the world.

I spot Andrew who looks awfully shocked "Whats up?" I said to him in a non-cool way sliding myself back in my seat . "Uhhh" he cleared his throat "Nothing just that-" Cutting him off "I'll see you in room N8 for the programme" As I turned to  face the front of the class smirking as Andrew replies very shyly  "Uh okay." Our home room lasted 10 minutes after the awkward silence between  Andrew and me  the bell finally rang which broke the awkwardness between us and I exited the room with lightning speed looking all over the packed halls for my group of friends. 

A pool of people came over me  rushing to the maths department because the teachers in the department take the school timing schedule very repeat very seriously so if you are late then you are screwed literally, they will be many people in after school detentions with Mrs.Daves for coming late; a smirk appeared on my face as I am so glad I'm not going back to them again as from now I am in the gifted programme  I squealed to myself and had a wide toothy smile planted on my face and I made my way to the room for the "gifted" and let out a loud sigh closing my eyes tightly.

I opened the door wide open and took a step into what I call my future. I opened my eyes slowly and analysed everyone before my eyes, who are just staring at me for coming in with such a dramatic entrance "Hey... Stephanie right ? I am Mr. Walsh"  He said sticking his arm out to shake my hand "Uh yes Stephanie Stephanie  Wilder" 

I reached out for his hand and shook it once as he replied "Well Welcome Stephanie Stephanie Wilder hahaha" as he let out a giggle under his breath, I let out an uncomfortable laugh as I raised my head and smiled I peered over Mr. Walsh's shoulder to see Andrew entering who doesn't make any eye-contact with me at all causing me to scoff loudly, Mr. Walsh gives me a weird look and explains what is going to be happening this year "Heres the work we are going to be doing this year the whole syllabus is in this including all assignments that you need to do which will me marked and entered in for your overall grade at the end of the year got that? good now take a seat anywhere you'd like"

I nodded my head and found a place in the middle not too close and not too far from the front. I dropped my bag near the chair legs as I take out my notepad and pens for the rest of the lessons. Mr. Walsh writes down our work for the lesson on a white board the squeaky noise the pen made while he was writing made my teeth hurt. 

We had to do an essay on any topic we liked from your favourite animal to why you think romance is a myth. I grinned as this class made me feel so welcome not to forget that I feel very confident. A boy rushed into the class he ran so fast "My apologise sir" he said out of breath only catching a glimpse of his face he wondered around looking for a spare seat in the classroom coincidentally there was an empty chair near me. Smirking at myself I looked down at my paper writing the date and title while imagining al sorts of scenarios in my head until I was interrupted. 

"Hello?" a deep voice questioned "Is this seat taken?" he asked. I looked up at him replying "what?" he repeated himself "I asked if this seat was taken?" I shook my hand "No it isn't,feel fre-" not finishing my sentence without a thought he pulled out the chair and took a seat "free to sit" I rolled my eyes and continued writing on my paper coming up with all sorts of ideas for my essay

"Shit!" I hear from the guy sitting next to me ignoring his foul language I continue to write while I hum to a song that was stuck in my head "Ex- excuses me?" 

I turned to face him and responded with an effortless answer "Yes?" he scratches the back of his head "This is really embarrassing, but can I please borrow a pen. I know it is a strange request you see I was late on the first day hence why I'm asking for a pen seeing as I forgot my pencil case and also I didn't catch your name?" he whizzed through his request it took me a while to figure out what he had said I nodded and took out a black pen out of my pencil case.

"Here" I handed it over to him "By the way, it's Stephanie Wilder" I sent him a smirk which he responded with the same smirk "Ah Stephanie, well I am Dylan Armstrong." as he continued to talk to me "Hi Dylan" I responded letting out a snigger under my breath "Hello Stephanie" He smiled at me. This looked like the beginning of a beautiful friendship for Dylan and I as we had loads more in common than I ever anticipated. Dylan liked the same colour as me, read the same books as me as well as watching all of my favourite show. If I ever mentioned this to Lauren she would say this was "fate" that "we belong together" and I will respond with "Lau you say this over anything stop making assumptions okaayyy." causing her to get upset with me then promptly getting over it.

"Hey Stephanie want to have lunch with me today?" he asked following a toothy smile,I smiled back "Sorry Dylan, but I am going to have lunch with my friends you are more than welcome to join us if you want?" I let out an uncomfortable smile waiting for his reply. "Actually, it is okay, I don't want to intrude or anything" He replied with a low tone "You wouldn't be, join us please, you'd get along pretty well with my gang" I said with so much confidence.

"A gang..?" he questioned "Yeah my group of friends that contains 4 girls and 2 boys" I bit my lip longing for a reply "If you insist I shall meet you at 0 13 hours" He laughed, I laughed back at him squinting my eyes while scrunching my eyes as my smile got wider and wider. Lunch awaits.

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